Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rivals Chelsea to fall apart?

In the aftermath of Jose Mourinho's dramatic exit there has been much speculation about the real reasons that lay behind the parting of the ways. Going into the game last weekend one big United fan that I have spoken says that he feared a backlash. It did not happen. Van der Sar didn't have to make a save - when was the last time you can say that about a visiting Chelsea team at Old Trafford?

Against Rosenborg and in the other games when Chelsea haven't won recently, the Blues were creating chance after chance, but that wasn't the case against the Red Devils. Sure United have an excelllent defence and we were at home. Ruud Gullit the former Chelsea manager and player, said that he thought something was missing from the Blues performance. Didn't we all think that? I did.

According to one tabloid story, Mourinho had visited the consulting rooms of his medical department to see if there was anything that could explain John Terry's apparent dip in form. This is of course speculation and I do not watch Chelsea week-in, week-out, so I cannot comment on his performances. But if the stories about Terry and Mourinho falling out are true, and if Terry isn't the player he has been over the last few seasons then Chelsea could fall apart because the England captain and Didier Drogba - who were are told wants out of the club - have been the rocks of the former champions team for the last three seasons.

The tabloid press are of course predictably having a field day at Chelsea's expense. The Sun printed an outrageous story today claiming that Barcelona's samba-star-in-chief Ronaldinho has 'already agreed' a five-year deal worth £58m to join Chelsea - but has yet to decide if he will move to Stamford Bridge. So on one hand it's agreed but it's not decided. Go figure.

No doubting Chelsea will continue to dominate the headlines, but you do get the feeling it might not be for running away the league and winning trophies, in the short term at least anyway.

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