Friday, September 07, 2007

Is Fergie's dig at Beckham way off the mark?...

Fergie was in his native Glasgow this week, for whatever reason he decided to open up about some of his former players. The United manager came as close as he ever has to admitting that selling Stam was a mistake. This is hardly news, we Reds know that, it was one of Fergie's biggest ever mistakes.

Many fans still believe that Stam was sold because of comments made about Fergie in his book, but this is not true as the manager later confirmed in a letter to Stam following his move to Lazio.

In this letter, Fergie told Stam that he'd been sold purely for financial reasons, which is what I personally believed all along as United needed to recoup some cash after laying out £30m to acquire Juan Veron.

At the time of Stam's transfer, Fergie stated that the decision was purely a football decision, which is only party true. What the Scot left out was that it was mainly to do with football finances, once again this led to fans and the media barking up the wrong tree following remarks by the manager which were left to interpretation as Fergie so often does.

While in Scotland this week, Fergie also took time out to have ago at Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham. The manager intimated that Beckham was never the same again after the two hooked-up. While Fergie's relationship with Posh was undoubtedly problematic, isn't it a little unfair on Beckham who despite his other half, went on to win the lot with the Reds?

During his brilliant United career I can only remember one incident when Beckham was dropped for matters off the pitch.

In February 2000, the former England captain didn't turn up for training on the Friday before our big game with rivals Leeds United. Beckham stated that his son Brooklyn was ill, but Fergie axed him for the away trip to Elland Road, a game which United went on to win 1-0 courtesy of an Andy Cole goal.

Beckham might well be hen-pecked and Posh wear's the trousers for sure, but it has never affected his performance on the pitch.

Despite Posh and the rows with Fergie, it was Beckham who chose to leave United, he was never forced out of the club, which has been confirmed by club director Bobby Charlton in his autobiography which was launched this week.

Beckham left United under a cloud and many like myself believe he engineered his own transfer to Real Madrid. Maybe Fergie still blames Posh for Beckham's move to Madrid - now if that is true, then I can understand him being somewhat upset about that saga.

No matter what Fergie has said about Beckham this week, the former England captain remains one of United's best ever players and nothing Posh can do or has done will alter that.


  1. Perhaps his comments are intended to be a warning for Ronaldo. It seemed to be the showbiz lifestyle that Fergie was really objecting to and he is probably worried that Ronaldo may be going in the same direction.

  2. Thank you. I was a bit surprised (and still am) at these jabs from Becks' two mentors coming at the same time -- and at a time when they as much as anyone would know how low he must be, both out of England this week and then sidelined for several more. It didn't seem like fair play. Wonder why the quotes, so similar, appeared now? Strange.

    Anyway, it's nice to see a fan that knows ManU (and Beckham's) history putting things well in perspective and still affording Becks the support he deserves.

    Whatever happened between player and manager, whoever initiated the move to Madrid, I don't doubt it was painful for both of them. It seemed they had finally made some peace last year and I was hoping Becks might be involved in the ManU organization -- even if just as a past player as many others have -- once he retired.

  3. Sorry to leave two comments in a row, but after I wrote in I saw a bunch of rumors about Beckham possibly returning to England either on a loan or to practice with a UK squad (is this done?) during the U.S. off-season. Extremely hard for me to believe, but who knows. Maybe the
    Sirs were dropping a hint that it wouldn't be to ManU?

  4. There has been talk of Beckham looking for a new club in England in the 'off season'. I think it highly unlikely. However, I'd like to know what his contractual situation is with Galaxy, you do wonder if there's any get out clauses in it...

  5. He's been adamant about not playing anywhere in UK but ManU (as you know), and insisted at end of last season that he wouldn't consider a loan. But the man does hate to sit, contract chats, new never know...

    Thanks for the reply.

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