Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mourinho sacking: Good for football, bad for Chelsea...

Hands up all those who saw the Jose sacking coming. I didn't. Yes, I've been reading the usual turgid and often sensationalist press headlines following a relatively slow start for Chelsea to the new season 'Jose under pressure' etc, etc. But sacking any manager at this stage of the season is totally ridiculous, and sacking someone who has been as successful as Mourinho has been at Chelsea is complete and utter madness. It beggars belief.

The thing is, what Chelsea need to understand, if they don't understand already, is that rival clubs and fans up and down the land will be rejoicing at this news.

Chelsea had the most money with one of the best, if not the best young manager in the world. It was a powerful combination, too powerful I'd have to say. Which is why from United's perspective and that of making the league more open in terms who can win the Premier League title, the sacking is good news.

So I'm quite pleased about Jose's departure, because Chelsea have scored a very poor own goal, which will lead to many more changes of manager in the not too distant future. Avram Grant wont be in charge for long of that I'm fairly certain.

Will the likes of Drogba stay now that Mourinho his mentor has left the club? You can ask the same of players like Carvalho and Essien. Because one thing you can bet on is that Mourinho wont be out of work for long. He will no doubt soon be in charge of a top Italian or Spanish club and then will his favoured players follow him? Don't bet against that happening.

The reaction of the Chelsea fans to this news will be interesting too, they could turn on Abramovich, but they'd be stupid to do that. The last thing Chelsea needs is for Roman to fall out of love with the club as well as Jose Mourinho. Here again, the rest of us will hoping that Abramovich folds up his tent and moves on to his next big idea, in doing so putting Chelsea back where they were before he arrived, on the road to nowhere and bankruptcy.

One rather large concern that I have now about this turn of events is that the Chelsea board in sacking Mourinho might have by default handed the title to Liverpool. Now that would also be bad for football, at least from a United perspective.

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