Friday, September 28, 2007

Fergie on Anderson: 'He might not be ready for 1st team for 12 months'..

Earlier this week before the Reds Carling Cup exit I suggested that maybe Fergie and his backroom team had some reservations about Anderson's ability to slot into the first team, hence his lack of appearances for the club.

United fans will not need reminding that the spectre of another Brazilian flop Kleberson still lingers large at the club, the fear is that United might have once again totally misjudged another South American player.

Anderson was hugely disappointing especially in the second half against Coventry City as were the rest of the United players on Wednesday night to be fair.

Although it is very early days for the 19-year-old Brazilian, worrying noises are coming out of Old Trafford on the back of his poor, albeit it, limited performances so far.

The former Porto player was taken off at half-time on his largely inept debut against Sunderland and since then apart from the Coventry game he's made one cameo appearance against Sporting Lisbon when he replaced Giggs late on in the Reds Champions League opener.

Following on from that defeat in the Carling Cup a report in the Guardian is claiming that Fergie is saying privately that it could be 12 months before the Brazilian is ready for the first team.

The United manager said that he was flabbergasted with the Reds midweek performance, but if this report is true, football fans and pundits will be totally astonished and flabbergasted at this news.

United have shelled out £18m for Anderson, at that price he should be the finished article and not a youngster with promise.

Fergie fears for £18m man Anderson


  1. "Pique was excellent on Wednesday. He was our best player along with Anderson. We'll probably keep Simpson as he can play both full-back positions.

    "But I'm maybe looking at the rest going on loan as they need to play football."

    I've seen this quote more often they any in the news. He doesn't need time to adjust, he needs to play. You think Porto let him languish in the Reserves for a year before starting him? If he hadn't broken his leg he'd have played a ton of games.

  2. This after we failed to get Bale,and countless other British youngsters for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Surely you might have realized that Danny Taylor, the chap who wrote that trashy article in the Guardian, was talking out of his arse. There were no quotes, and the article was full of assumptions.

    Unfortunately a lot of people believe that crap. Taylor is Guardian's resident Man Utd journalist, but of late he is making up more stuff than actually reporting facts.

    SAF confirmed Anderson and Pique were the best players. When I listened to the live commentary on the radio, the commentators were saying that Anderson was one of the bright spots in an otherwise spineless display.

    I wrote an article on my site too about the pathetic article of his. I'm getting a little sick of him. He might get more loathsome than Oliver Holt, if he keeps at it.

    btw, is there anyway I can contact you? I mean through email or something. Need to discuss some stuff with you.

    And great blog btw. :)

  4. I tend to ask questions about what is going on at United, rather than come to conclusions about the merits of new signings.

    As most Reds have been saying it is very early days. But something clearly isn't quite right about Anderson, whether it be needing more time to adjust or something more worrying like he's simply not looking like the player we thought he was.

    If I'm honest I thought he was appalling against Sunderland and having spoken to someone who went against Coventry he did ok in the first half (one of our better players), but he was awful in the second 45 as were the rest of the team...

    If this Taylor has been making things up then I'd guess that it wont be long before Fergie bans him...

  5. Its a lot of dough to fork out for someone who is not ready yet,but rafa seems to do the same with all his players they never play more than 3 games on the trot

  6. Hi James!

    I guess you might be monitoring Guardian;s United related articles a fair bit.
    Anyways, I can easily smell a strong stench of ABU-ness over there.
    For instance, u can check their Chelsea match report, the way the journo goes on about referees favouring United at OT etc. He makes little or no mention of Joe Cole's tackle on evra, that apalling Joe Cole tackle on Ronaldo etc. And all this is considering how much they dislike Chelsea.

  7. AS it happens I don't read the Guardian, but I do know one of their scribes who isn't a Red...

    If you spot any ABU articles send me a link please.


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