Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arsenal top-brass talking sense over takeover talk...

It isn't often that anyone from the world of football comes out with sense when it comes to talk about taking over our biggest football clubs. So it has been somewhat refreshing listening to the views of Arsenal's top brass, namely Peter Hill-Wood and Danny Fiszman who have both recently stated categorically that they are not willing to sell-out to those parties who are only interested in furthering their own ends by taking over the club that they clearly love.

Hill-Wood who until recently kept his thoughts largely to within the confines of the Arsenal boardroom also took time out to dish out a few slaps to Peter Kenyon by telling the Chelsea CEO that his current club will never be as big as United or Liverpool. Quite right too.

In speaking out and putting Chelsea and Kenyon in their places, Hill-Wood was stating the obvious, but it needed to said and it was good to hear someone talking sense.

David Dein and his 'partners' may well eventually gain control over Arsenal, but you have the feeling it wont happen unless it's over Hill-Wood's dead body.

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