Friday, September 21, 2007

Chelsea in turmoil ahead of big United game..

Rival's Chelsea are still in a state of shock following the surprise departure of Jose Mourinho after only a few games into the new season, there was talk that the controversial Portuguese manager might have been replaced in the summer by Guus Hiddink, but when Chelsea won the FA Cup it seemed inconceivable that the Blues would part company with their coach.

The fact that Mourinho's exit has happened so suddenly was alluded to by Peter Kenyon at the unveiling of Chelsea's new manager Avram Grant at today's press conference. The Chelsea CEO intimated that nothing had been planned and everything happened more or less out of the blue, but insisted that there had been big no bust-up.

Chelsea chairman Buck went on to confirm that differences between the owner and manager had led to this parting of the ways, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has been following the story over the last couple of years.

Overall it was a very unconvincing performance by Chelsea's chairman and CEO as they failed to give satisfactory answers to many questions from the floor. According to Kenyon, as far as the players are concerned it's 'business as usual'.

One thing that did come out of the press conference was that Bruce Buck wouldn't confirm or deny that Mourinho has a clause written into his contract stopping him from managing another Premier League club. The assembled hacks tried their best to prize an answer out of Buck on this point, but the Chelsea lawyer would not confirm or deny the existence of such a clause, which no doubt will lead to sugestions that yes indeed Jose Mourinho will be blocked from a quick return to the Premier League.

Mourinho has spoken to the media this evening and he has hinted that his next club will not be in England although he would like to manage another Premier League club, he has also confirmed that he will not be taking a job within the Portuguese national team set-up. Reading between the lines it is almost certainly the case that Mourinho's next club will be in Italy.

As for Sunday's game with United. The Red Devils still have a few injury problems, Owen Hargreaves and Gary Neville are both injured and Carlos Tevez and Nani are pressing for a starting place in the Reds line-up.


  1. I can't see how Avram Grant will be able to lift Chelsea in time for Sunday. I'm only gutted that I let my mate have my season ticket for his one, cos United are going to enjoy this - as will the supporters. It's about time we came up with some new songs and there's an ideal chance to taunt the cockneys and their ex-manager here. He'll be watching.....and listening!

  2. Just thought I would say hello.

    I cant wait for the Chelsea game my ticket is burning a hole in my pocket. I suspect that it will be a game for the fans with many of Chelsea’s support not relishing the trip to OT.

    Although I am confident of a win lets not forget that it is still Chelsea after all, they have a tough side. On the other side of the coin we had not started to fire on all four cylinders yet.

    Lets just hope that today is the day we start destroying teams, especially at home.

    Man Utd 2 - 1 Chelsea.


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