Friday, September 21, 2007

Fergie says he will miss Jose Mourinho, but gets his facts wrong..

Ferguson has somewhat predictably said that Mourinho's Chelsea departure will be a loss to the Premier League, he says that he will also miss the challenge of pitting he wits against the former Chelsea manager.

Fergie went on to suggest that if you look at the results between the two sides during Mourinho's reign there was 'nothing in it'. Not true.

Chelsea won 5 out of ten meetings between the two clubs, United won once in the league and once on penalties in the Community Shield.

Reds fans will be hoping that rather than attempting to rewrite history Fergie ensures that United go some way to redressing the balance results wise by thumping Chelsea this weekend thus inflicting more misery on the Blues.

FA Community Shield Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United 05-08-2007
English FA Cup Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United 19-05-2007
English Premier Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United 09-05-2007
English Premier Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea 26-11-2006
English Premier Chelsea 3-0 Manchester United 29-04-2006
English Premier Manchester United 1-0 Chelsea 06-11-2005
English Premier Manchester United 1-3 Chelsea 10-05-2005
English League Cup Manchester United 1-2 Chelsea 26-01-2005
English League Cup Chelsea 0-0 Manchester United 12-01-2005
English Premier Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United 15-08-2004

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  1. I think Abramovich, made a clause that he can´t manage english teams, in the near future. It is said here in Portugal, that he will be a coach of a German or Italian team, but in my opinion a think he is going to manage Real Madrid.

    Cheers James


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