Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do most of Man City's local fans come from Stockport?

There's been many studies about which Manchester team has the most local supporters.

City fans claim that they are the local club with the most local fans.

Whereas United fans often claim that most local City fans actually live in Stockport.

City supporters love to claim that United supporters come from far and wide.

So today while doing my own reseach using Google Labs I thought I'd check out some search terms to see where the bulk of these fans live, at least those who have a computer and read up about their club - isn't that everyone these days?

Using the search term 'Manchester City' Stockport comes out with the highest number of searches, whereas for the term 'Manchester United', Manchester is the most popular UK city.

So there you go, according to Google Labs (Doesn't everyone use Google these days?), Stockport is indeed a hot-bed of Man City supporters and Manchester appears to be full of people searching for United news.

Also of interest is the fact that the takeover by Thaskin Shinawatra has made no significant impact in his native Thailand as there's so few searches using 'Manchester City' in Thailand that the term isn't even recognised by Google Labs...However, there is interest in Bangkok because the search term Thaskin Shinawatra does register in the lab results.

Stockport, Stockport give us a song!

No doubting City fans will soon be quoting the phrase 'lies, damn lies and statistics' to me.


  1. sorry, even im a united fan, but i can't agree with your conclusion. try google trends "manchester united, manchester city". it will compare the searching result, and it shows there are more searching of man city in manchester.

  2. That's true, but importantly it's also true that there appears to be more City fans in Stockport than in Manchester!

  3. its a fact there are more united supporters in manchesters than city.
    i feel sorry for city every youngster in england wanted to be giggs or beckham or cantona , never mind in our home town, i even know lots of city fans whos kids defected to united you can hardly blame them


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