Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Sam Allardyce puts his big foot in it over Michael Owen injuries..

Big Sam Allardyce is a man who knows his stats, when he went along for his interview for the England manager's job, word has it that he took along four laptops to show that he is man who isn't afraid of using technology alongside traditional coaching methods in bid to get the very best out of his players. We are told that Big Sam and his backroom team leave nothing to chance when it comes studying the opposition in the search for any perceived weakness.

At the weekend Sky Sports were given a guided tour of Sam's new club Newcastle United. We the viewers were shown the revamped gym. Before the big man and his backroom team arrived it wasn't a nice place apparently. Allardyce is proud of his record of keeping players fit, while at his former club Bolton his players only missed on average 2.6 games per season through injury. At Newcastle last season the average time out through injury was nearly eight games a season.

Sky's reporter asked Sam if he'd been in charge of Michael Owen for longer would he have kept him more injury free? Sam replied, that with no disrespect to anyone else, 'yes he would'. Low and behold the following game Owen picks up a serious injury. Perhaps Sam will think twice before tempting fate next time.

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