Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kenyon and Terry villains behind Mourinho exit?

In the wake of Jose Mourinho's Stamford Bridge exit the press have been looking for the real reasons why the club parted company with arguably the best young manager in the world.

According to one Sunday tabloid report, the breaking point was the 1-1 draw with Rosenborg in Chelsea's group B Champions League game earlier this week. It has been claimed that Jose Mourinho blamed John Terry for the visitors goal at half time, but the England skipper wasn't having any of it, this in turn we are told led to Peter Kenyon allegedly reporting to the Blues board that Mourinho had lost the dressing room. It's a good tabloid story, but it must surely be absolute rubbish. Rows between players and the manager happen all of the time - even if a heated discussion between Mourinho and Terry took place, this would not equate to charges that Mourinho had lost the dressing room.

Perhaps even more bizarrely it has been claimed that Roman Abramovich has been giving tactical advice to the likes of Michael Essien after the draw with Rosenborg. Sure, Roman owns the team and he's entitled to give his opinions on the game, but I cannot for the life of me see him undermining Mourinho in such a direct manner in front of the rest of the Chelsea squad which is what has been claimed today.

Our sensationalist tabloid press are having a field day at Chelsea's expense, it has to said they fully deserve it, as the sacking of Mourinho and appointment of Avram Grant will surely come back to haunt the former champions in spades.

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