Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why football needs cleaning up.....

It's the morning after the night much talked about Panorama investigation 'Football's dirty secrets' was screened. The title was very appropriate, because the impression given was that corruption within football is rife and it isn't just managers who are involed.

It seems everyone from chief executives right down to the scouts have seemingly entered into this secret and murky world of back-handers and freebies. Something needs to be done.

Before yesterday I wasn't aware that many of the Premiership's clubs want to see a rule change, whereby players instead of clubs would pay agents. Some of the respected agents are claiming this move would solve a lot of the current problems, but apparently Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United are against this move. Dave Whelan, the Wigan Atheltic owner, says this is because 'they fear they will lose their competitive edge'. I don't know how true that is, but if it is true, it seems ridiculous. Furthermore, if this rule change helps, then it must surely happen despite what the big four say. Apparently there's a meeting of the Premier League clubs in October where this will be sorted out.

Personally, I see big changes ahead for the clubs and the game. Clearly, the clubs and the hapless FA aren't capable of policing the game without some form of stringent regulation. IT remains to be seen what the fall-out will be. We are still awaiting the findings of the Lord Stevens inquiry into 'bungs' in football. Watch this space...

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