Saturday, September 09, 2006

Trouble between the sheets...

As United players turned up for training at Carrington on Friday morning they were greeted by two United fans with a hand painted banner in the form of a bedsheet with the message 'Fergie Out!' daubed across it.

IT isn't the first time that sections of United fans have turned on Ferguson. It happened during the early part of his 20 year stint at United. Ferguson turned things round on the pitch and has of course been been hugely successful, incredibly so, but times change and many United supporters have started to voice concerns about his tenure.

So what lies at the centre of the fans concerns? To those on the outside looking in, it might seem a bit odd that the manager of table topping United is coming under fire, but there's been growing friction between the club and its supporters over the last 12 months. The Glazer takeover remains at the heart of it for many.

Fergie has publicly backed the Glazers several times, this angered many fans. As if that wasn't bad enough, the United manager scored a huge PR own goal when last season he told a United fan to **** *** and support Chelsea. Last week he made a fresh attack on supporters, questioning their loyalty towards United.

Many fans are also deeply unhappy about the lack of big signings this summer. Reports claim the manager would be given around £25m per season, but that has never been confirmed or denied. What we do know is that United were the Premiership's lowest net spenders in the transfer market this summer. This situation is seen by the fans as a direct result of the Glazer takeover.

Sir Alex is beginning to look like a slightly beleagured figure following a very poor summer in the transfer market. And according to reports Fergie believes the Manchester Evening News is running a campaign to highlight his failings in the transfer market.

There isn't anything new about him falling out with the media, and in times of trouble, previously Fergie has adopted a siege mentality, it's been a case of 'it's them against us', the difference being this time, Ferguson is beginning to isolate himself from the fans by launching at attacks on them. It's never a wise move to fall out with your own supporters, as Tony Blair is finding out right now.

IT remains to be seen if the calls for the United boss to quit will grow as the season goes on, because despite being top of the league and enjoying clean sheets on the pitch, the carrington bedsheet has started alarm bells ringing as United have stepped up security at the clubs training ground.

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