Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The sack race...

Am I alone in thinking that for once, this could be the season where no Premiership manager gets the sack? Why would any fool think that?

Here's why. The three promoted clubs are among the favourites to be relegated - it was ever thus - but this season, all three clubs have managers that are either respected (Coppell), rated (Warnock) or viewed as up and coming (Boothroyd). I think we can rule those three out of the sack race, despite the possibility of relegation.

What about Southgate and Roeder? Both appear to be learning quickly and doing quite well. Both would seem unlikely candidates for the dreaded chairman's 'vote of confidence'.

We can rule out the 'Teflon' top four, of Fergie, Jose, Rafa and Wenger.

Coleman appears to be doing a fairly good job at Fulham, though last season, wasn't a great, especially away from home. I doubt Coleman will be going anywhere, unless he chooses to. O'Neill, Hughes, Moyes and Redknapp come into this category, they all have the luxury of the proverbial golden handcuffs clasped around them.

Martin Jol had a great season with Spurs last time out, they surely won't stay in the bottom half of the table for too long? If things take a turn for the worse, the pressure would surely follow and his position while looking safe for now could come under scrutiny. The same goes for Dowie at Charlton.

Which brings us to the most likely candidates.

Alan Pardew. The takeover talk surrounding West Ham puts him under added pressure and places him among the favourites. If sense prevails, he will stay.

Stuart Pearce. Not sure what to make of old 'Psycho'. From what I'm told, some blues think he can't cut the mustard. If things go pear shaped, he wont get sacked, but he might walk is my bet.

Paul Jewell, he too could be tempted by grass which might look greener, and having sold players Wigan didn't want to lose, he could be a victim.

That leaves one boss, Big Sam Allardyce, I don't know why but I get the feeling he will ride out the storm that is in danger of enveloping both himself and his club.

IT's a completely different story in the 'Championship', the sack race is well under way and they are dropping like flies, first the legend that is Bryan Robson at West Brom and today Kevin Blackwell at Leeds United, another one bites the dust...

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