Friday, September 01, 2006

Fergie must regret publicly backing the Glazers..

IT's the day after the transfer window closed. United fans are now reflecting on what has been a summer of huge disappointments regarding incoming transfers. It has been reported that Ferguson would be given around £25m a year for spending, but no one is actually sure about the detail of his transfer budgets.

What we do know is that the club have actually spent very little, they may have even made a net profit after sales are taken into account. The latest names to leave are Liam Miller (free to Sunderland) and Rossi who goes on loan to Newcastle until January. The general consensus is that Ferguson has been told to reduce the wage bill by as much as possible and Miller was by all accounts a big earner, he also clearly wasn't anywhere near good enough to be pulling on the famous red shirt every week.

Reports also suggest the clubs debt is now a staggering £660m (that's more than some small African countries GDP), costing the club £62m a year in interest. IT remains to be seen how long the club carry this burden, given that not only does the club need to find an amazing £62m per year to service interest payments, but they also need to be spending wisely and big in the transfer market when the need arises. Suffice to say United are performing a very dangerous hire-wire act, many observers see no safety net and tears before too much longer, possibly within three years.

The question is, will Ferguson live to regret his sickening public brown-nosing of the Glazer family, he suggested that 'things are better' under the Glazer regime regarding transfers when compared to the old PLC days.

Those with half decent memories will recall one of the Glazers saying 'if and when we need to sign the next Wayne Rooney we will do it', well according to today's edition of the Sun, Ferguson is furious because he wasnt given the £14m to buy Carlos Tevez, 22, as a result the brilliant Argentine will now play for West Ham.

United fans have every right to feel disgust at what is going on at United with ever increasing season ticket prices all round and with little chance of competing for the games top honours, what with the managers hands tied behind his back.

Perhaps in future Ferguson will choose his words more thoughtfully.


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