Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Harry under fire..

HARRY REDKNAPP has revealed that he is at the centre of the BBCs Panorama bungs expose allegations, which is due to be screened on Tuesday. The Portsmouth manager whose team is currently top of the Premier League table at the time of writing this article, says he's got nothing to hide, he's even encouraging everyone to watch it, such is his confidence of his innocence.

Redknapp, is from London's East End, he is what many would describe as a bit of a 'Cockney-wide-boy', you can imagine him playing the part of 'Dell Boy Trotter' in Only Fools and Horses. 'Dell Boy' was famed for ducking, diving and doing a bit of wheeling and dealing - ok, not a bit, a lot of wheeling and dealing.

In many ways Redknapp is exactly the same, his record as a manager has been built on melding sides together using players from here, there, and everywhere. As far has his imports are concerned often at knock-down prices. Unlike 'Dell Boy', Harry has always managed to maintain a level of success, whereas with Dell Boy, it always ended in on-screen tears.

It remains to be seen what evidence Panorama reveals. However, I for one don't expect Harry to be swapping his top of the range motors for a yellow three-wheeler van any time soon. Unlike Only Fools and Horses, I suspect the Happy Harry show is set to run and run.

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