Monday, September 18, 2006

Fergie staying for 'two more years', says who?

Fergie has let it be known, he's staying on as manager until at least the end of next season, 'health permitting'. Apparently, Sir Alex has had words with the Glazer family, the clubs owners. So we are left assume that they are happy with it...

But what if United have a poor season, culminating in United missing out on Champions League football next season? It hopefully won't happen, but it could.
In my opinion, Fergie should have quit following the cup final defeat against Arsenal. He has nothing left to prove.

Fans from opposition clubs and those in the media may ask why Fergie shouldn't continue? There's a whole catalouge of reasons. Many, including me, believe that United finished second last season, pretty much inspite of Fergie. Tactically, United look to be going nowhere, especially in Europe.

Regarding transfers, he no longer appears to have that creative spark for finding players. Now, he only seems able to spot players who end up costing an absolute fortune. A prime example is Carrick - if Fergie had his finger on the pulse, we'd have got him from West Ham for around £2.5m, instead we end up paying up to seven times that from Spurs.

If matters on the pitch have given reds cause for concern, so have affairs off the pitch.

Many fans have been sickened by his public backing of the Glazer family takeover and his foot-in-the-mouth verbal attacks on sections of United's support.

United should have installed Hiddink or Scolari, instead the club dithered and allowed Fergie to continue, no doubt fearful of a backlash. Here again though, the Glazers lack of knowledge about the game let's them down, as many United fans have wanted Fergie out for a few years now.

It would be a crying shame to see Fergie sacked after all he's done. But at the end of the day, despite what Fergie says, results will decide his future, unless, god forbid, ill-health sees him off.

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