Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Panorama asking the questions...

I find it very interesting that screening of the BBC
Panaroma expose 'Football's dirty secrets' has coincided with the
findings of Lord Stevens inquiry into alleged corruption in football.

From what I gather, the Stevens inquiry has been ongoing since March
'06, whereas the Panorama investigation has been going on for nine
months. Let us hope, the combined time produces results.

I personally was disgusted with the 'News of The World' fake Sheikh
sting on Sven. Eriksson was entitled to discuss his future after he'd
finished as England manager. That episode was a low-point for gutter
journalism in my opinion.

The Panorama expose is very different, in the interests of our
national game, football fans will want to see any rotten apple's
exposed for what they are.

My problem is, and without wanting to pre-judge any findings, I very
much doubt there will be any concrete proof of guilt, because from
what I gather, the agent who made the allegations has since
back-tracked. The suggestion that up to six to eight top managers
might open to bungs, could well turn out to be a matter for the
courts. Which is what happened in the Eriksson case. I suspect this
story will go the same way with several managers possibly seeking
damages via the courts. Perhaps more likely out of court settlements.

IF the BBC ends up in court, I fear it's a match they cannot win. But
most football fans, I'm sure, will applaud Panorama for tackling this
issue. It is a price worth paying.

What a pity that the hapless FA is once again left watching on the touchline.

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