Saturday, September 16, 2006

Beckham feels England pain...

David Beckham has today spoken out about being discarded by new England manager Steve McClaren.

Beckham talks about his burning desire to prove McClaren wrong, but the Real Madrid star says he isn't sure that he will be able work his way back into the England squad.

Many, including me, thought McClaren had treated Beckham shabbily, because Beckham had done as much as anyone for his country over the last few seasons. In short, he didn't deserve to be discarded in the manner that he has been. No one, apart from McClaren and his inner circle is actually sure what lay behind the decision to axe 'goldenballs'. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, Beckham's pride has been dented.

There is little room for sentiment in football, and few will shed tears for multi millionaire's like David Beckham, but if we forget about the fame, the money, his stardom and the circus that surrounds him, and instead we consider Beckham the footballer. Shouldn't he at least be given another crack at playing for his country? He is a consummate professional, and so even though he'll be 35 next time the World Cup comes around wouldn't it have only been fair to him to give him a chance under the new regime? I for one think so.

However, despite McClaren's suggestion that the door is still open for Beckham, you get the feeling that David Beckham's international career is over and he will end his playing days in Spain, but for his sake, you hope he won't be allowed to fizzle out like a flat San Miguel. He deserves more than that.

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  1. dont know why they're doing this for Becks. i am a Real Madrid fan and i have to say that most of our goals in the previous season were assisted by Beckham. hope he'll get back to the team...nice work, keep doing it.


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