Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ferguson 'doesn't like Argentine's'...

Javier Mascherano has claimed Ferguson is nervous about signing Argentine midfield players after his experience with Juan Sebastian Veron. Following his very patchy time at Old Trafford and an even worse experience at Stamford Bridge, has there been a bigger fall from grace in terms of star status in recent years?

Given the money wasted on Veron, you can understand Ferguson being nervous about signing another Argentine midfield player. United of course have Heinze, but Ferguson believes Argentine defenders are the best in the world, that is why he's signed Heinze. He trusts him.

Having seen bits and pieces of Mascherano, I think he could actually be just what United needed in some ways, he looks to be similar to Makelele, but technically looks to be a better player.

Ferguson has made it clear that United want to sign Owen Hargreaves, and I'd also be happy with Hargreaves - I'm not being revisionist here (unlike the tabloid press) because I've always thought he was ok. What gets me is why didnt Ferguson make a move for Hargreaves ages ago, instead he tried to sign Ballack - the player he later claimed 'wasnt right' for United.

Hargreaves is a better all round fit for United when compared to Mascherano, there'd be no language problems and he knows some of the United players already, and he's got a superior engine and gets about the park better.


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