Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fergie at centre of fan storm...

Sir Alex Ferguson further ignited the emtremely volatile atmosphere between himself and the hardcore anti Malcolm Glazer fans movement, by questioning their loyalties toward the club.

Within the 'The Official Manchester United Diary of the Season', Ferguson slams the fledging break away club FC United and their followers, by suggesting the North West Counties league club was about self publicity.

Fergie went on to say that during the takeover talks, some fans actually phoned him and asked him to resign. The United manager responded by telling the fans he had a duty to his back-room staff to remain in charge as many of them have been with him for between 10-12 years.

Quite where that leaves the recently sacked Mike Stone, the clubs former doctor who'd given 10 years good service to United and was respected by all is open to question?

Fergie reportedly sacked Mike Stone for continuing to do two hours a week at Manchester's Sports Science Institute, even though the work may have benefited the club. Furthermore, David Gill, United's CEO, had given his blessing to Mike to carry on the work.

It appears that Fergie has something of a selective memory when it comes to the definition of loyalty.


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