Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why Keegan is wrong on Premier League being boring...

Kevin Keegan is seemingly in trouble with Mike Ashley the Newcastle United owner for stating that the Premier League is in danger of becoming one of the most boring but great leagues in the world. We know what you meant Kev... The Newcastle manager was talking to the media following Monday's two-nil defeat to Chelsea and it's not the first time that Keegan has lost the plot somewhat on such occasions, it is understandable really following the heat of battle.

Ashley should not be reprimanding his manager for speaking his mind; Keegan is all about passion he speaks from the heart. The former European footballer of the year wants to see the Magpies up their mixing it with the top four - but he and Ashley both know full well that it is unlikely to happen. No doubting Ashley will be telling his manager to keep such views to himself in future, that's assuming he's still in the job after Friday's meeting in London.

The fact is the Premier League is like any other top European league - it is dominated by a few clubs - it's the same in Spain, Italy and Germany, it's up to the other clubs like Newcastle to try to break the monopoly of the bigger clubs. As we have seen this season it can happen, the big boys can be beaten, Manchester United have lost five games this season and we have dropped points a plenty when drawing games.

If Michael Owen had used his left foot and taken other chances against Chelsea, Newcastle could have won that game, but did not happen.

No doubting Ashley will be asking Keegan to clarify his comments - was it a public cash call to the Newcastle owner, or more likely was KK just venting his spleen following a hugely disappointing second-half display by his team? Whatever Keegan's motives "I'd like to be a Mole on the wall" (As Keegan said once said) at that meeting on Friday when the two meet to discuss those comments.

Whatever the outcome, Keegan is wrong, the Premier League might be predictable, but so is La Liga - how many times have Madrid won the league in the last 20 years?

The Premier League is a great league - only those who follow clubs that haven't won the title for a long time would argue otherwise. Sure, it's nigh on impossible for promoted clubs like Derby County to survive, but even the Rams nearly managed to beat United this season. The Premier League is exciting and it's competitive, if it wasn't the grounds would be empty.

The old first division did have more winners in the 60s and 70s, but Liverpool had periods of domination and we cannot turn back the clock.

For the record since 1990, England's top division has been won by five different clubs:
United, Leeds, Blackburn, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Here's a breakdown of the other top leagues in Europe since 1990:

La Liga - six clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, De Portivo, Athletico Madrid, Athletico Bilbao (La Liga has been more or less totally dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona)

Serie A - six clubs: Inter, Milan, Juve, Roma, Lazio and Sampdoria (Dominated by Milan and Juve - six wins each)

Bundesliga - five clubs: Bayern Munich ; Stuttgart, Borossia Dortmund, Werder Bremen and FC Kaiserslautern (dominated by Bayern, nine times winners)


  1. I think KK was just trying to get a public declaration for money from Ashley and at the same time try and dampen the hopes of the Geordie fans. He is afterall correct in what he says about Newcastle's chances even assuming he is given a shed load of cash over the summer.
    He is wrong about the Premiership being boring though. This year is the most exciting for a long time at both ends of the table, and as a Pompey fan I always tune in to the Grand Slam weekends when the big 4 are playing each other. There is always dram of some sort these days, be it a red card or a poor decision, as well as top quality football

  2. Kevin Keegan is a jumped up little hypocrit. He never complained when NUFC were part of the "top four" and making big money signings (most of them useless). Did he care or even consider the likes of Swindon or Bradford then? I think we know the answer.

    I agree, with Fraser, the premier league is far from boring and it's only the Englishness of rooting for the underdog that perpetuates such a myth. If you don't believe me, then just read the targets set by the FA for Fabio and the national team. Semi Final of face the sack? What's wrong with setting a target of actually winning something? I suppose we're destined to stay a laughing stock of a nation who fervantly welcomes home gallant losers.


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