Friday, May 16, 2008

Ronaldo keen not to rock the boat until after the Champions League final...

Reading between the lines it seems fairly certain that Cristiano Ronaldo would like to move on to Real Madrid or indeed Barcelona; the only question is when and not if.

The majority of Reds fans have loved and supported the Portuguese star from the start of his United career, but we will have to accept and live with whatever Ronaldo decides is best for his future. We also have to remember that he did not have to sign his last contract extension. Ronaldo has known of Madrid's interest for quite some time, so we should show him respect, no matter what happens after the Champions League final next week.

Many United supporters were deeply unhappy with the way that David Beckham appeared to engineer his own move out of the club – at the time many fans believed that he had tried make the club look like the guilty party when all along his camp had been working his ticket out of Old Trafford. Like Ronaldo, Beckham wanted to sample life in another country and play for another huge club, you cannot blame them really.

However, unlike Beckham, Ronaldo is being open and honest about his long term intentions, this week he has spoken of his 'dream' to play in Spain.

Should our worst fears be realised this summer, then Ronaldo could be off to sunny Spain and quite where would that leave United? It would quite ridiculous to suggest that we will just replace him, as that is clearly impossible.

The media keep on banging on about Cristiano being 'the best player in the world' - that may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure, he's one hell of a player. No way would United have won the title without his goals, he has given the Reds so much it is almost impossible to quantify.

Losing Ronaldo is unthinkable and should it happen don't be surprised if Fergie also throws in the towel as his job would suddenly look ten times harder.

Whenever a United genius or legend moves on, the club have been lucky enough to eventually replace them. In the case of Beckham, we replaced him with Ronaldo, even though they play in the number seven shirt, like Cantona before them they are entirely different players.

All that United fans can hope for is that we will eventually find another fabulous number seven - after all, that is what the club have always been about, finding the most talented players who can go on to play the game the United way, long may it continue.

Whatever you decide Cristiano - we the fans salute you - at least I will, there is only one Ronaldo.


  1. after all the faith shown to ronaldo by man utd and in particular, alex ferguson, i think the least he can do is stay at OT and repay all that faith & encouragement, especially after the world cup fracas.
    he has a chance now to be part of a team that will undoubtedly progress to greatness. Madrid will still be there for him once Liverpool have well & truly been knocked off their perch!!

  2. What is this 'faith' that you are referring to? The media led spat between Ronaldo and Rooney? Our ever so jingoistc media did a fine job in trying to get Ranaldo transferred - some United fans even went along with the idea...

    Ronaldo owes United nothing - he has delivered time and time again.

    If he wins us the CL next week and decided to bugger off to Spain then so be it.

    The only thing that I regret about that article is that I'd forgotten to mention the greatest of them all, George Best, and look what we've achieved since he played for us - we will go on no matter what Ronldo decides.

  3. Reality check - Ronaldo will be at OT next season and so will SAF.

    And of course, he owes us nothing.

  4. Yes, despite everything, he is a professional, and will go where he feels are his best working conditions.

    However, he will certainly be taking a risk in his career as the stability he established at United will certainly vanish instantaneously at Real Madrid. Their midfield is absolutely packed with superstars of their own right, and the only reason they haven't shone the way Ronaldo has is because none of them have gotten the kind of first team opportunities he has gotten.

    With star wingers like Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder, both of whom would play every game in any other team, and both of whom in terms of talent are comparable if not equal to Ronaldo. Both of whom also do not make the headlines because they often have to give way for one another and the instability in the squad is rather pronounced.

    Regardless of how many games they promise him, with him in the mix at Madrid, he would be giving up on a lot of stability and on a lot of time as well, for who knows how much time he might need to acclimatise to Spain in terms of the football? Another of the world's greats Henry hasn't till now, whereas Ronaldinho still seems to be looking for steady footing.

    For all the money Ronaldo earns at United, I find it hard to believe he wants more, although I would respect his desire to do so as a professional.

    Leaving United would be a ridiculous decision for him in footballing terms as he is taking the plunge at possibly the best point of his career, something which he can capitalise on rapidly at United, whereas in Madrid, he could pull a Henry, or a Ronaldinho, or become part of a rotation system which he certainly would not want.

    Real Madrid might have the wherewithal to pull such a move, but with the kind of talents they produce in their youth system, and the kind they retain currently in their squad, it seems little more than an act of prestige and marketing for them to buy Ronaldo. It does not look a completely rational move on their part as well.

    All in all, if Ronaldo wants to take the plunge, let him, and if he comes back to beat United later on and continue his greatness, good on him.

    Otherwise, good riddance, you missed out on once-in-a-lifetime career at the Theatre of Dreams.

  5. Andrew - if he does one to Madrid - promise me that you will be back to eat a rather large slice of humble pie? But I do hope you are right and that I'm wrong...

  6. Uday, we have a saying which kind of sums up your comments on the Madrid situation.

    "the grass always looks greener on the other side - but when you get there you realise that it's only moss"....

    At Madrid, there is no such thing as a certainty in life, as Vicente del Bosque discovered to his cost not so long ago.

    Ronaldo moving to Madrid has nothing to do with money but everything to do with his ego and his dreams.

  7. Whether he stays or not the one thing he has done is take away the possibility of celebrating United's wonderful double. That is something I can't forgive him for. THe club and the supporters are bigger than any potential wage packet.


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