Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Marca and Real Madrid say the ball is now in Ronaldo's court...

Marca is today reporting that Ramon Calderón has said that Real Madrid's work is done as far as trying to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo is concerned. The Spanish club are basically saying that Ronaldo needs to instigate his own move and that they are in no hurry. The report suggests that Ronaldo needs to now force this issue. Last week Fergie went on the attack accusing Madrid of lacking morals where transfer talk is concerned, it was an entirely appropriate response by the United manager.

Some expert pundits believe that the player is being pushed by his agent to fight for a new and improved contract - from that perspective a lot will depend on how far Ronaldo wants to push the issue.

So far Ronaldo has only dropped hints about his long term desire to play in Spain. Given that we are now appear to be entering the crucial phase of this saga it remains to be seen what the Ronaldo camp will do next.

For their part, United have remained tight-lipped about the prospect of a new and improved deal. The club's official position is that the player is under contract for another four years, but they haven't given any indication if there is any scope to review Ronaldo's current contract. United will no doubt want to further extend Ronaldo's contract should they be willing to enter into negotiations, which could prove to be a major sticking point from the player's perspective.


  1. Its getting complicated. :P

  2. Let's hope Ronaldo puts this to bed by stating his intention to see out his current contract. But the unfortunate truth in all this is that Ronaldo himself is on record as stating his desire to play in Spain. He just hasn't said when. In my opinion, Ronaldo's current contract at United will be his last. He will be in Spain within 2 years. Hopefully United can bankrupt those bastards at Real Madrid in the process.

  3. Well said, United should bankrupt those bastards at Madrid.


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