Saturday, May 24, 2008

Terry guilty of spitting on Tevez?

A lot has been written about John Terry since he slipped and missed that penalty in Moscow, personally, I had no sympathy for him whatsoever given that he led the pack of Chelsea players who rounded on Carlos Tevez.

The Argentine had put the ball out of play knocking it back towards the Chelsea goal - in doing so he was only doing what the Chelsea players had already done twice. What followed was a total disgrace and Terry being captain needs to have a long hard look at his own behaviour given that he led the finger pointing.

However, it now emerges that Terry may have committed the most vile of football crimes by spitting on Tevez. UEFA could be about to use video evidence against the Chelsea captain, TV footage appeared to show Tevez wiping the back of his neck following the incident. If found guilty, even those who have defended Terry's disgraceful behaviour on the pitch will find it hard to defend his actions. I hope Terry receives a long ban - he deserves it.


  1. I hope the National team will ripe the captain's armband of him. He is a disgrace of the England team.

  2. That will be certain as Ferdinand is captain of England.

    Terrible behaviour from such a class player.

    I think you might have been right that Chelsea represent all that is bad about the game, Terry is after all, Mr. Chelsea.

  3. I have seen the videos and it seems Tevez was just wiping the water on his jersey. Or else, Tevez would have shown any sort of emotion in his face. He just walks off. If somebody spits you, would you just walk on not bothering to even turn your head? John Terry would never do such a thing and he shouldn't be dragged to such controversies.

  4. Having studied the video a few times, it looks conclusive that Terry DID indeed spit on Tevez. You have to watch a couple of times because the first time I viewed it I wasn't sure, but having looked again, I'm certain that it happened.


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