Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calderón on the run after United's FIFA threat over Ronaldo...

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderón has made a half-hearted attempt to rebuild the damaged relations between his club and Manchester United over the Spanish Champion's continued pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United are furious with Madrid over this issue, so much so that the club have issued the threat of reporting Real to FIFA. The United manager has also made it clear that he believes Madrid have no moral's and just in case Calderón was in any doubt about the depth of his anger Fergie also weighed in when adding that Barcelona had more morality about them. Ouch.

Ramon Calderón responded "We have not done, nor we are going to never do nothing against the will of a club friend as it is the Manchester. Real Madrid does not have anything to do with this subject. The relation with the Manchester is magnificent."

The saga looks set to continue, The Daily Mirror is today claiming that Fergie could even be set to fly out to Swizterland to Portugal's Euro 2008 training camp in a bid to ensure that Ronaldo knows that he is wanted and that he will not be leaving United.


  1. Hilarious attempt by Calderon to play the innocent lamb. United should go ahead and report Calderon to FIFA, for prima facie, his comments in the previous few weeks are illegal and immoral, which are against agreed policy on player transfers.

    Ferguson should not go to Switzerland to make sure Ronaldo wants to stay in United, Ronaldo in fact should assure Ferguson out of his own accord.

    Real Madrid have lost all face and credibility.

  2. To be honest, I think the whole thing's blown out of all proportion by the press and Real are lying in wait to see if anything drops out of it. I suspect it's more of a case of CR deciding to line his pockets after a tremendous season by playing the 'wait and see' card, so it's also in United's interests to renegotiate. The whole Webster ruling means that although he's contracted till 2012, he could leave in 2010 with little financial benefit to United.

    I believe CR does not need to move to be successful and RM does not particularly 'need' CR (though nobody would pass up the chance if he wanted to move)


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