Friday, May 30, 2008

Arsenal have the most to lose under FIFA's new quotas...

The news that FIFA's delegates have backed Sep Blatter's 'six-plus-five' proposals on player quotas will surprise few observers of the beautiful game - FIFA is after all his personal fiefdom.

If the FIFA president get his way by 2012-13, Premier League teams will only be able to field five foreign players.

If the 'six-plus-five' ruling is eventually imposed it could impact massively on Arsenal, with the Gunners often fielding teams without a single Englishman. Contrast this situation with the United team that started the Champions League final, the Red Devils had six Englishmen in their starting line-up - but of that number four were purchased for a total not far off £90m which backs-up Arsene Wenger's argument that English players are too expensive.

The good news is that the European Commission says that FIFA's proposals on imposing quotas is discriminatory and illegal. Vladimir Spidla, Europe's Commissioner for Equal Opportunities says "We're giving red card to the rule".

However, Blatter is determined to push through his latest big idea, but given that the proposal is against Community legislation it appears that for once the FIFA president will not be getting his own way.


  1. On paper Arsenal will suffer if this rule comes in - however reality is it wont because it is unlawful

    What i believe is that the UEFA ruling will come in, which states that all players must be either british, or if foreign they must have been at any one club for at least three years between 15-21 years -

    I am an Arsenal fan, but Manu are the only other team in the EPL to play 'attractive on the eye' football - this is because you have overseas players also. You will suffer aswell if Blatter wins

  2. can't say you are wrong there although it must be said that there a few young English players coming through. Coupled with money to buy off English players from the second tier of EPL clubs, it should not be an issue for Arsenal although the teams from second rungs onwards are going to be facing hell of a problem getting a team going.

  3. What a waste of space - It isnt going to happen so why use the headlines "Arsenal have the most to lose under FIFA's new quotas..."

  4. I agree that it's unlikely that it will happen, but as things stand if somehow it did come into being then things would have to change dramatically at Arsenal.

    I'd hope that even Gunners would agree that you should have more English players.

    The headline is valid.

  5. I don't agree at all. If you look at Arsenal's youth system, you will see that it is only now that the structure that Wenger implemented when he first came to the club, the training of players from a very young age to a high technical standard is only just starting to bear fruit. The English players who have come through so far have not been involved at the youngest ages, and that’s why they have not been up to standard. And if (and that’s a big 'if' because of EU legislation), Blatters anti-meritocracy policies are implemented, by that time, Arsenal will be on a much surer financial footing, we could go into the English market if we needed to, but there is more value for money to be found in signing from abroad (ie suggest an English striker with Eduardo's finishing ability and technique for £7 million, I think Rooney is the only comparison, and he is unattainable)...I look at United's youth system, and it hasn't really contributed much to the first team in recent years either. The only rule they can enforce in agreement with the EU is the one that says in euopean competitions, there needs to be a certain amount of players in the squads who have been trained in that country, but that has nothing to do with nationality, as players such as Fabregas qualify. If there was an English quota, the future versions of Ferdinand, Rooney and Hargreaves would be even more fiercely fought over, with no doubt the financial might of Chelsea winning through. Take a look at the England squads throughout the age groups, and you will find that Arsenal are one of the main providers of players.

  6. I think everybody is missing the point to this rule, the aim is to have a more balanced 'home grown' culture instead of the typical purchase culture that has turned football into a greedy sport it has become. Arsenal (if the rule is pasted) will not suffer as they have since Wenger took charge spent time and money on investing into a youth policy which is starting to show signs of joy.. All the current youth squad (if they make it) will be ready for the imposed date of 2012/13 so no worries for the Arsenal

  7. Also, James, I have to say, I would prefer more English players in the team, but ultimately, I care more about the success of the team. Look at the situation with the Sagna signing last season. Name me an English right back who Arsenal could have signed for £7 million who would have proved as good in his first season as Sagna. Simple fact is, there is none. It's not as though Arsenal don't care about developing youth players, our youth development is considered one of the best around, or that Wenger doesn't rate English players, rather he sees them as is that which is harming the game in this country, not the foreign players. I don't see why Arsenal should accept inferior players just to help the national team, it would be wrong and would be disrespectful to fans, shareholders and current players.

  8. The headline is just stupid..... The author has not even taken time to study the FIFA recommendation. Home grown players does not mean English players only. As an Example, Cesc, Clichy and Bendtner will all qualify. The problem here is people are just barking up the wrong tree. Looking to knock arsenal at every opportunity will not solve the problem. The simple fact is, there are very very few talented English players. FFS, even lower league teams go and buy foreign. This tells us, that the talent is not there. The few talented players are in big teams and those that are not are too expensive. Tell me how many young English players have come out of the ManU academy in the last 5 years. My guess is "Zero". England should look at developing talent at the grassroot level instead of trying to force teams to field untalent Englsh players just for the sake of it.

  9. the teams such as west ham,spurs,everton,man city,boro are those who have the most to lose if this ruling become law. it won't but for argument sake let say it does. Where doyou think the top 4 club like arsenal and man utd will get their english player from. that right from the second tier team like spurs,man city,west ham etc.these club may charge a prenium but that money is not going to benefit them much as they will not be able to buy the big named foreigner will could help them compete. in the end the league will be fill with championship level player and as the international viewership dwindles the prem will no longer be called the best in the world.which is exactly what fifa wants as they see the growing power of club football as a threat to international football. that why he has his lackey platini running uefa.

  10. Ethan,

    You have made some good very good comments. You could be right about the future, as Arsenal unlike United have yet to sell themselves to the Devil. Though the key word in that last sentece is YET. I refer to foreign owners who have no real interest in our respective clubs other than to make personal long term gain. The Gunners are on a more sound financial footing compared to United and importantly they have genuine Arsenal fans on the board - but who knows what lurks around the next corner on that score? Who can predict where you'll be in five years time? We can only guess at this juncture.
    It might well be the case that you will be able to sign the likes of the next Wayne Rooney. Time will tell.

    I happen to fear that United will go up in a big cloud of smoke within the next five years - due to the ridiculous and grippling debts which are growing unchecked.

    AS for the United youth set-up, it's not working out too well, so here again I agree. City in comparison and as much as I hate to admit this, are doing a much better job. But until we see the end product in your own first team, we can only judge Arsenal on what is happening right now - which isn't a lot if the truth be told. Regarding the younger England ranks, that's very encouraging from your stand-point.

    How ironic is it that West Ham have done arguably more than ANY other top flight English club for the current England team? I say ironic because they've largely been forced into developing their own players due to not being able to compete with the big boys, although that is only one factor as they've always strived to produce from within. As much as Wenger is a great manager - he has a long, long way to go to beat or even match the Hammers on that score.

  11. I think sepp blatter has a vendetta against english teams in the EPL or at least the big 4. Anythin that involves them he seem to want a hand in it and/or create rules to inconvenience them ie to make rules like in F1 to stop the dominance of Ferari. So what's the problem if 2 english teams are in the final of CL Mr Sepp? Real and Valencia did that few yrs back as well and there was no problem!

  12. It's hard to deny that Arsenal have a distinctly foreign flavour. Unfortunately we've had a rough time with English buys. Jeffers was a dismal failure, Richard Wright wasn't good enough, Pennant had severe discipline problems, Bentley refused to stick around, Rohan Ricketts fell far short, Sidwell insisted on moving on, Ashley Cole chased the money, and then we've had a string of decent youngsters who weren't good enough and have ended up in the Championship or worse anyway.

    The fact is: there is only a selection of English players good enough to win a Champions League or a league title and there are a dozen teams chasing these. 6 x 12 = 72 English players good enough? I don't think so. And especially if you don't have Chelsea's budget.

  13. It is a great point about the value of English players rising even more if blatter's proposal did make it through (not that it will). Also, the standard of football will drop in our country as alot of the great foreign players will no longer be here and therefore the english players will not have to raise their game so much. This surely would be bad for the England team?
    Arsenal do have alot of English players at the academy but the truth is that over the years the foreign players have been more committed to learning and improving, not getting drunk and driving fast cars. The likes of Pennant and Bentley amongst others were trying to get into the team ahead of world cup winners but would turn up late for training and get spotted out drinking late at night. I support England but would rather Arsenal buy a better foreign player for half the price of an Englishman.

  14. no we don't,... Brazil have the most to lose... and France.

    but never gonna happen, its unlawful and it is unlawful because it is considererd racist to employ people on there nationality.


    FIFA mangaged to convince some one that transfer fees should remain in place although EU law says that employees should be free to change there places of work whenever they break a contract

  15. The short answer is that the EPL in whole would suffer, which is the actual intent of Blatters rule. He cannot stand the English teams being succesful and the EPL being the best league on the planet. The rule will only rocket the price of national players through the roof for everyone, giving a cash bonus to mediocre players and their parasite agents. This is one subject where all EPL teams need to get together on and its about time the FA earned their wedge by jumping on it hard.

  16. I think Man United fan does not have a say in this because obviously you don't have a clue of what you're saying.

    You're only looking it at the "surface" of Arsenal because you know nothing about Arsenal. Arsenal have an up and coming set of English youngsters whom Wenger are preparing to unleash.

    Arsenal definitely won't suffer anything and instead will be the biggest winner very soon due to our youth policy. Note that players like Henri Lansbury, Mark Randall, Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and so on are gonna be Arsenal's future.

    Of course, as many have said, this quote will be deemed as illegal in the European Union law so it's not worth arguing anyway.

  17. Yeah, and Manure will never again enter the cl if Platini gets his debt manegement proposal through.The pot calling the Kettle................

  18. Argh I wish people would stop writing these incorrect articles.

    Yes Blatter wants this rule to be in place but it's illegal in the EU. Even EU spokesman have said it's discrimination based on nationality repeatedly and as much as they'd like to believe it, FIFA don't have any right to break EU laws.

    If they're VERY luck a rule might be in place where you need to have 6 or so 'homegrown' players. By their definition of homegrown, though, Arsenal would have van Persie, Fabregas, Walcott, Bendtner, Hoyte, Traore, Clichy, Senderos, Djourou, Song at the very least as players in and around the first team who would qualify.

    There might be a few more too, and Almunia could apply to British nationality if required. Basically it wouldn't be problematic for Arsenal at all. More than anything because it's extremely unlikely to go through as I said on the grounds of it simply being illegal. And if somehow Blatter gets away with breaking these rules it won't need to be English or British players, rather players you have contributed to their youth development with, which Arsenal have tonnes of players of.

  19. James, interesting comment.

    Arsenal have a handful of English players with huge potential coming through now.

    Lansbury, Wilshere, Walcott (if he counts as coming through!), Gibbs, Randall and Simpson spring to mind.

    Most of those won't make it Arsenal one way or another, but all of them are excellent prospects who have a chance. Wilshere, at 16 years old, is so good according to Wenger he can't keep him in the reserves much longer because it's holding him back! Simpson was League One player of the season whilst on loan- I think he'll get sold anyway, but no doubt a quality player. Gibbs has drawn comparisons with Giggs when he's played, perhaps people are looking too closely at the name though :p. Randall I believe is quite similar to a younger Bentley, but without the attitude and Lansbury is a player widely tipped to be a huge player for Arsenal in the near future.

  20. No chance of septic splatter and his chum mini-vegetable getting their way.

    splatter might think he can force it through, but there is always a bigger kid in the playground, in this case, the EU.

    Their agenda has nothing to do with the good of football, or even hating the English.

    It's got to do with the fact that th EPL is the most popular league on the planet and is getting very rich and powerful.

    They want their product, international football, to be the most popular, and therefore most lucrative product.

    If a business has competition, they can either try and kill off the rival product (buy buying the company that produces it, or by damaging it's reputation etc), or they can try and improve their product to the point that the rival product is irrelevant.

    There are problems for fifa and uefa with this, in that their "product" has a parasitic relationship with their rival's product.

    They are also in a position of power to influence the rules and regulations governing the market.

    This is clearly a conflict of interest, and would not be tolerated in any other sphere of business.

    It is high time that these dishonest parasites were thrown out of football.

    The beautiful game has no place for such self-absorbed, dishonest, underhand and despicable people.

  21. It will further widen the gap between the rich and the poor.


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