Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ronaldo to follow Van Nistelrooy route to transfer list?

According to Marca, Cristiano Ronaldo can put himself on the transfer list in doing so he will make the first definitive step towards a move to Real Madrid. Marca claim that former United star Ruud Van Nistelrooy took the same route out of Old Trafford. However, United fans will know that there's a big difference between the Ronaldo and Van Nistelrooy scenarios.

Fergie wanted the Dutch striker out of the club, largely because in his last season he appeared to lose his desire to play for United and he'd started to cause problems in the dressing room, ironically with Ronaldo of all people.

However, many United fans will be alarmed to learn that under Article 17 of Fifa's transfer rules, a player who has signed a contract when aged under 28 can break his contract after three years. A player who is 28 or over, he can break his contract after just two years. Compensation is payable, but crucially if Ronaldo took this route his destiny could lie in his own hands.

In 2007 Andy Webster, the Scotland defender broke his own contract with Heart's when he moved to Wigan Athletic, which set a landmark precedent for players to "buy" out their contract using a Fifa ruling which has been described as "the new Bosman".

But until Webster's case, no player had ever tested the rule. Webster, subsequently moved on from Wigan to Rangers on-loan, compensation of £625,000 was eventually agreed.

So in theory Ronaldo could actually take the same route leaving United and Madrid to agree compensation.


  1. problem Madrid have with the 3 year rule is that he only signed the contract last year (and so will have at least 2 more years before he can invoke this clause)

  2. This new rule still did not bring some big changes, but it will definitely will in the future. I think Ronaldo will end in Real at the end, but not in next 2-3 years. At the end, we will have to sell him as with title or two more he will be bored in England and won't have the passion. Hopefully we will prepare the replacement in the meantime.


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