Sunday, May 25, 2008

Madrid's "amazing contract offer" to Ronaldo...

The war of words between Manchester United and Real Madrid continued this week, with the Spanish club once again floating stories via the press that they are doing all they can to capture Cristiano Ronaldo.

In repsonse, Fergie attacked Real Madrid when stating that the Spanish club have no morals, you cannot really argue with that given that despite the fact that Ronaldo is a Manchester United player, Spanish Sports paper Marca - the unofficial press organ of Real, is today claiming that Real Madrid will offer Ronaldo £7.5m net per year to sign for them. On top of that, it's claimed that Ronaldo will receive 50% of all revenues derived from the sale of image-rights from within Spain and 100% world-wide.

If the story is actually true, then United might be forced, to pay up to £10m a year just to keep the player, that's assuming that the club would be willing to match Real's reported offer.

It cannot be ruled out that this latest story is the work of agents, one theory that is being bandied around is that Ronaldo and his team are looking for a massive pay increase. But with four years left on his contract, should United give in to agent power and pressure from Madrid given that Ronaldo will surely already be the club's highest earner? That is a question that only David Gill will be able to answer in the weeks ahead.

Gill has stated categorically that the player is going nowhere - and given that Fergie has also made it publicly clear his biggest star is staying put only a complete and embarrassing turnaround could change that stance. Any move for Ronaldo would no doubt be 'over Fergie's dead body' or words to that effect as far as the United manager is concerned.

It was also interesting to learn that Ronaldo has made it clear that Fergie is one of the reasons that he is still at the club, there's clearly a strong bond between player and manager.

When asked about the possibility of Ronaldo staying put earlier this week, Fergie was clear that the player is going nowhere, added to which he has hinted strongly that he will remain United manager for the next three years, which ties in with Ronaldo's contract expiring.

All of the Real talk must be a bit unsettling for the player, but from what we have seen of Ronaldo he looks perfectly happy and judging by the player's demeanour in Moscow, if anything the bond between Ronaldo and Manchester United appeared to become even stronger following that Champions League win this week.

My own personal view is that a lot will depend on the player's desire to stay and the last point about him appearing to be happy leads me to think that Fergie and Gill are right.


  1. Ronaldo is a professional, I respect that entirely.

    But gunning for 10 million pounds a year is a bit much.

    If this indeed is what Ronaldo desires, good riddance, you greedy !@£$.

    United value their players, and believe that their players should be adequately rewarded for their stellar efforts, but 10 million pounds a year is a bit much.

    Let him go to Madrid, and he might even collapse under the pressure of his huge pay packet.

    He still has the chance to be earning wagon-loads of money with United at his current wage packet, and remain in what Ferguson call's the best United team he has managed.

    I hope he doesn't lose that oppourtunity.

  2. Uday, I wouldn't be too harsh on Ronaldo, because a lot of this will becoming from the player's agent.

    He doesn't the need the extra money - from Ronaldo's own perspective this will about doing what he wants to do (eventually).

    The money on offer from Madrid will be used as a negotiating point but it's an interesting fact that as I understand it, his agent will NOT benefit from any new deal by way of cash from United which used to happen not so long ago when a new deal was agreed - that's unless Ronaldo dedcides to pay him himself, and I guess that is precisely what will happen should United decide to go the extra mile.

    WE have to remember that Ronaldo is the best player in the world (unofficially at least anyway). There's a lot of factors to take into account on all sides and I'm fairly confident that he will remain at United now.

    You to remember that all of this new contract talk is a game.

    Apparently, Carlos Queiroz has been telling Ronaldo all about Madrid and their ways. Fergie sees this as a positive point in United's favour, but again, it will eventually come down to what the player wants and that above all else is key....

  3. Call Madrid's bluff. Put up silly money or f*** off. I'd take 100 million for Ronaldo right now. He's done all there is to do United. He owes us nothing, and he clearly wants to play in Spain. United can overcome his loss. We did it when Cantona retired, we can do it again. 100 million might not buy another Ronaldo but will secure Tevez, and leave room for at least 3 world class signings.

  4. Ronaldo going is double advantage for the Blues. Real would release Robinho too. :P

  5. Fair enough, but the only way I will respect Ronaldo completely after all of this ruckus is if he stays in United without an expansion of his wage packet.

    Nothing that Madrid do now will redeem their already tarnished reputation as a respectable club.

    As it is they have champion squad, yet it never seems to be enough. Let's hope Marca's Operacion Christiano fails, which it probably will.

  6. I don't think Ronaldo will move to any other club as long as Sir Alex still there.

    By the way do u mind to exchange links? Have a good day.

  7. Ronaldo won't go anywhere while fergie is there. However after his contract is over in 3 years and fergie is gone i bet that ronaldo will jump on the first ticket to spain whether it be madrid or barcelona.


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