Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fergie 100% right to question media and "partying" Bolton players...

Fergie went on the offensive this week in a bid to redress the media's campaign to ensure that the Wigan Athletic players put on a good show against the Red Devils on Sunday at the JJB stadium. The United manager's gripe was that while the media have been quick to focus on Steve Bruce's players, few have questioned Gary Megson's Bolton stars who take on title challenger's Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the finally day of the season. Via his "spying network" Fergie revealed that the Bolton players have been out partying all week after they secured their place in the Premier League next season.

There is no love between United fans and those who follow Wanderers, so much so that I personally wouldn't be surprised if the Bolton fans at Stamford Bridge start cheering on the home team.

The same can be said of sections of the ABU media, who appear to be desperate for Chelsea to win the title given their incessant questioning of the Wigan players all week. Leading up the this final day of the season it has been an unbalanced media led barrage of questioning as far as Bruce and his players are concerned, while Megson and his players have been left to go out on the piss and live it up at the races.

On Sunday the talking will have to stop and then the United players will hopefully put on show worthy of the name champions, and if they do that all the hype will be blown away.


  1. "spying network", you mean MI5 surely, well what a lame attempt to ease the pressure on Bruce, the fact is that theu will roll over, we wont see anything of Valencia or Palacios, we wont see a fight from Wigan, Bolton on the other hand who by the way celebrated just like Wigan did, but actually toned it down because they are not safe yet like Wigan. Forget the bonus Bruce is on from Whelan, he got more from United for taking a point from Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and will get even more for dropping the points this Sunday. If Berger can get sacked from Villa for telling his team mate to join another club, then why shouldnt Bruce for telling Wigans best players to go to United. Curbs,Bruce,Hughes,Keane,Moyes,Allardce , the truest United fans in the country

  2. I have been supporting United from India, living and growing up there, and so I have been meaning to ask;
    What is ABU media, and what kind of agenda do they have in supporting Chelsea? Has Abramovich invested in them? Or have they mean supporting Liverpool or Arsenal and simply cannot take a winning United side sportingly?

    Please clarify.

  3. hey,they might have been on the piss?..but they didn't rape anyone

  4. Uday.

    ABU means. Anyone but United. In other words, some would rather anyone win but United - these people exist in large numbers due to our domination of the Premier League. They hate United with a passion.

    Here's a specific example of what I'm on about. Last night on BBCs 606 programme, the nonentity that is self-styled 'football expert - and Liverpool supporter" DJ Spoony brought up the fact that Wigan could earn an extra £2m by finishing a point higher than their current position - but there was no mention of what Bolton might earn by winning at Chelsea.

    It's been like this all week - the media like in every other walk of life is full of fans who follow different clubs - the BBC in particular appears to be snided out with LFC supporters. Alan Green being the most well known....

    The London based media have a lot of Chelsea fans within their ranks, columnists and sports writers want to see their own club win the title, which is fair enough, but the media debate this week as been more or less 100% focused on what the Wigan players will do. Until Fergie talked about the Bolton players at the press conference, they'd barely been mentioned. Now if it had been the Wigan players who'd gone out on the piss - it would have been back and possibly front page news headlines - that is what I'm on about.

    I've no doubt that Abramovich has "friends" in the press, he will have them in every walk of life, money does corrupt.

    It will be interesting to see how the officials perform in Abramovich's back yard in Moscow too...

  5. Congratulations everyone! Moscow, here we come !!


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