Wednesday, May 13, 2009

United's betrayal of Carlos Tevez...

United supporters will awake to the news that the Premier League's biggest diver has collected a prestigious award. As if that isn't enough to turn your stomach there's even worse news because according to reports Carlos Tevez could join the comedy club aka Manchester City or worse still Liverpool this summer.

The latest speculation suggests that the Argentine could be tempted with a move to Eastlands on the promise of leading City in pursuit of Premier League glory next season - the later is a fairy tale that Hans Christian Anderson would be proud of and one would assume Tevez isn't stupid enough to believe the increasingly desperate hype that surrounds the laughingly known self-styled "biggest club in the world". It's unlikely that City will be playing in Europe next season and surely any top player with serious ambitions would not join a tin-pot club just for money, especially when the said player is hot-property.

Talk of Tevez moving to Liverpool is a serious option, what's more Fergie would be powerless to stop it from happening. Last month the United manager went on record stating that he has told the player repeatedly that there's not much more he can do. We the fans are left to assume that for whatever reason United's money men have been unable to sanction this move.

In fairness to the club David Gill has backed the manager in the transfer market and by default we the fans have to accept begrudgingly that so have the club's owners even if it's not with their own money, but that was until now, because you do wonder if this is the first concrete signs of the credit-crunch having a direct effect on the Glazer family and Manchester United. Even before the credit-crunch gripped the nation, United and the Glazers' were already in debt to the tune of some £650m+. If Fergie's hands haven't been tied with regard to spending, then why is the club appearing to dither and back-track over promises to the player?

Interestingly, in response to yet more questions about the future of Tevez the United manager said he has no replacements in mind, he has also hinted there will be no big signings this summer when saying "We have a big squad and I can honestly say there's no one we've identified we want to bring here at the moment". You can never tell if Fergie is playing a game of bluff, but if he's being true to his word and if Tevez leaves then United will be short of a world-class forward.

As things stand the club looks as though they are guilty of breaking promises, many supporters are unhappy about the handling of the Tevez deal and want to see the player sign on the dotted line before Liverpool make their move, if the latter happens United will look like a bunch of incompetent shylocks.

The prospect of seeing Tevez playing in the red shirt of Liverpool against United is one which will fill the fans and probably the manager too with dread and it must not be allowed to happen.

Some fans are so unhappy they have started a petition to sign the player.
Sign the Carlos Tevez petition


  1. It's hard to imagine Carlos Tevez playing for Liverpool or Man City or any other EPL side. It's going to be hard to see him leave, but maybe Sir Alex has another trick up his sleeve - I don't think he'll want to lose a guy like Tevez either. But credit crunch or not, 30million is a huge sum to pay for a player who isn't scoring as many goals as he should be. I know we paid that much for Berba (and I think we over-paid) and yes if I had 30million to spend on only one striker, I would opt for Tevez over Berba any day. But he hasn't been as good this season and just isn't scoring enough. We haven't had a prolific out-and-out striker since RVN. Anyways, it should be an exciting summer - with no conclusion yet to the Ronaldo saga. In spite of him claiming he wants to stay, reports of him leaving refuse to die down. Maybe there is an agreement for him to leave but he's getting cold feet given how badly Real are doing right now. Maybe United did speak to Ribery/Kaka as a replacement. And now there's talk of Milito as a replacement for Tevez - haven't seen much of him but his stats don't look so bad. Not to forget Benzema. With atleast one or maybe both these players leaving, we're going to need some serious re-inforcements, credit crunch or not.

  2. Nik,

    Not sure what to make of United's fun and games but I think the club has treated Tevez badly (relatively). Perhaps if Carlos had been given more chances then he might have scored more goals. I agree I'd also have preferred the money to spent on Tevez rather than Berbatov.


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