Wednesday, May 20, 2009

United on brink of making major mistake over Tevez...

The other day I posted that United were in danger of being viewed as penny-pinchers over the future of fans favourite Carlos Tevez, just two days later we now read that according to the Sun, Liverpool are set to meet his owners' demands and have agreed a £26m fee.

United we are told, have been balking about paying a transfer fee of £24m, partly because the club had already shelled-out a hefty fee for the initial two year loan agreement with Kia Joorabchian, the representative of the player's owners. For his part, David Gill, United's CEO, has only served to cloud the issue by stating that any new deal would have to be "structured correctly,” and that the club will talk about the player's future again in June.

There was no ambiguity where Fergie is concerned on this issue because the other day he chipped in with “..everybody would be best served by a willingness to compromise". Make no mistake, the United manager was treading on dangerous ground here, because unusually for him, he appeared to be actually telling the Tevez camp to publicly lower their demands. Surely it would have been wiser if Fergie had not entered the debate on figures and left it to his chief executive.

Finger pointing aside, and IF the latest reports are true that Tevez is set to join Liverpool it will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in Ferguson's managerial career, one that could in all probability hand the title to the Merseyside Reds next season.

Just about every serious commentator agrees that allowing Tevez to leave United will be a major mistake, what's more the fans will be livid if it happens.

United have handled the Tevez affair badly and I now personally fully expect him to leave. The whole episode has been a total shambles and a public relations disaster with the manager openly telling his owners to reduce their asking price, which in turn has allowed a serious Premier League rival to step-in and all for the sake of a couple of million.

By the time David Gill gets round to talking to Kia Joorabchian again, chances are the deal with Liverpool will have been agreed, here again why did United have to wait until June? This in itself was sending out a coded message to the player that he wasn't wanted, because if the club was serious about signing Tevez the deal should have been done ASAP, but United dithered and now Liverpool have reportedly entered into negotiations.


  1. I'm a season ticket holder and love Carlito to stay!But SAF is the boss and I'm 100% behind any decision he makes!Carlito wants to be a regular starter and to me he's more use to use as an impact player coming off the bench in the second half,Something he's not interested in doing.Like Rondalo the other week with his tantrum,Carlitos needs to look at the bigger picture and realise that the modern game is all about the team!I'd hate to see him leave,But if he goes and we get Benzema,I'll be very happy indeed,Carlitos won't win Liverpool the title next year,Liverpool are still behind us.

  2. ..I forgot to add, you don't know what Tevez might do for Liverpool next season, by common consensus if they'd had another striker to cover for Torres they'd have pushed United harder, as things stand they will probably lose the title this season by the margin of one point.

    What is beyond question is the fact that his loss will weaken United.

  3. I am certain Tevez will stay at Utd, although it is all very strange. I suspect the issue is him not playing enough, with the money being used as a cover. As much as I'd love him at Liverpool, though, I seriously don't know where we'd play him. There's consensus that Gerrard playing off Torres is perfect for the team - Tevez could be a cover for each of them, or he could play where Kuyt does, but I can't see him and Torres playing together without sacrificing the extra edge that Gerrard gives us. Unless he's planning on changing to 4-4-2 and bringing in Barry, who plays excellently with Gerrard in a flat midfield. Still, given how effective our system has been this season, that seems strange. Still, I'd expect Tevez to stay. Good that it's overshadowed your title victory though!

  4. Alex, I'd also question if Liverpool have the money to spend on Tevez.... so part of me wonders if this story has been leaked to the press in a bid further negotiations with United.

    However, you do raise a good point, because you wonder if Tevez will find himself on the LFC bench if that is the case he'd be no better off.

  5. It's also important to note that he's good mates with the Masch.


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