Friday, May 15, 2009

United preparing for more glory: Liverpool set to lose domestic kings crown...

I had to laugh at a BBC blogger last week who used the headline "Manchester United target elite clubs", because while I'll admit I clicked on the link, largely out of curiosity, the underlying thrust of the ridiculous story was that United are not currently apart of Europe's elite and by winning the Champions League this season (yes, that will be the same one many Liverpool fans have been running down ever since it was changed to a league format) they will join a select group of clubs who have won the Champions League four times.

The article in question smacked of being composed by a desperate Liverpool supporter, one who is clinging on to the hope Liverpool will continue to lord it over United in terms of the number times they've won Europe's premier club competition.

Prior to Fergie taking the helm at Old Trafford United supporters had to endure more than two decades without winning the league title, while for pretty much all of that period Liverpool were collecting silverware for fun. Much to the annoyance of United fans the media were always quick to remind them that the Merseyside Reds were "England's most successful club".

After this weekend and providing United do not lose against Arsenal, Liverpool and their friends in the media won’t be able to describe them as England's most successful club - not on the domestic front at any rate - United will have won as many League titles and more FA cups than our old friends from the wrong end of the East Lancs Road.

I make no apologies for sounding like a desperate United fan who is hoping we can turn the tables on the scousers, what's more I'm hoping Fergie goes on to complete the job by fulfilling his promise to win the Champions League twice more before he calls it a day and interestingly the manager has this week stated he is not interested in equalling records only breaking them.

As things stand it looks likely Liverpool will finish the season on 86 points, which in another season might have been enough to have won them the trophy for the first time, the fact is the Merseyside club blew it at Anfield where they've drawn too many games, they also failed to capitalise when United travelled to Japan for the contentious FIFA World Club Cup.

Liverpool will in all probability once again end the season potless, it is to be hoped United go on to secure the league title and Champions League to make it a thoroughly miserable season end for the increasingly desperate scousers, because this is payback.

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  1. This is a similarly desperate pro-Liverpool article:

    In America, this is often called "putting lipstick on a pig".


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