Monday, May 11, 2009

UEFA luddites: Are video replays a complete waste of time?...

So then after UEFA initially hinted that they might overturn the red card that was wrongly issued to Darren Fletcher against Arsenal they have now decided that the original decision stands. UEFA's decision is disappointing if not entirely unexpected.

The decision to give Fletcher the red card has been widely criticised, because it was plainly a poor one, but having made some conciliatory noises which gave the player hope that they might rescind the ban on compassionate grounds it seems that the faceless suits of UEFA have backtracked.

We have to assume that UEFA decided not to intervene because it might have set a precedent for the future. United's Champions League final opponents have been hit even harder than the holders because Barcelona's Eric Abidal and Dani Alves will both miss the final after their respective appeals failed.

As far as Eric Abidal is concerned the ban is equally as harsh as the case of Darren Fletcher. Dani Alves had no real hope of his ban being rescinded given his suspension is based on the number of yellow cards being brandished in his direction.

However, in the cases of Fletcher and Abidal UEFA have got it badly wrong, the fans and clubs alike want to see justice done when the need arises, but when the referee makes a glaring mistake as in these two cases then video evidence after the event should be studied and if necessary action needs to be taken in the name of justice and fair play.

By rejecting the appeals of Fletcher and Abidal UFEA has shown no compassion and what's more European football's governing body will be viewed as 21st century Luddites for which Michel Platini should hold his head in shame.

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  1. Darren Fletcher is one of the greatest players in MU...that's what I think...and a red card to him is not acceptable...a video that shows Fletcher tackled Fabregas is an evidence Fletcher didn't tackle Fabregas clearly...I mean his foot touched the ball first...


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