Monday, May 18, 2009

Do United have a post Tevez plan? Because penny pinching doesn't win you trophies...

So then, let us for a minute imagine that Carlos Tevez and his owners' fail to agree a transfer fee, which is believed to be around £24m and United end up losing the Argentine, to lord save us, Liverpool or Manchester City (though the latter cannot be a serious option, can it?). If that happens it begs the question who on earth can replace Tevez, because many fans will agree that £24m seems quite modest given the player has delivered during his two year stint at the club.

Forget the amount United have already shelled out to Kia Joorabchian, which is largely an irrelevance, because the champions agreed that part of the deal at the outset. Over the course of the weekend David Gill confirmed that United want Tevez to stay and interestingly he used the words "If it can be structured correctly then yes we do want to sign Tevez", so if we ignore the exact fee at the moment you do wonder if part of the problem relates to how the fee will be actually paid, one presumes United would prefer to pay in instalments as is the way these days.

Some United fans would rather see the back of Berbatov rather than fans' favourite Carlos Tevez, because it is unlikely the Bulgarian is going to change a habit of a lifetime and transform into an all action Red hero.

With the danger of stating the obvious, it isn't my job to identify a potential replacement for Tevez and I'm glad that is the case. We hear that Valencia of Wigan is being lined up, but for crying out loud the lad has scored just three goals all season, this compares badly to Tevez who has so far notched 15, one more than Berbatov...what's more, will any of the seriously big clubs be knocking down Wigan's door to sign Valencia? I don't think so.

Knowing United, they'd end up paying close to £20m for the Wigan player and at that price we shouldn't be talking about taking a gamble, but the fact is, exactly as it has been with Nani, it would be a gamble. Why gamble at all when we already have the player the manager, players' and fans' want?

There has been rekindled talk of Benzema coming to United, but the Lyon president will demand in excess of £35m, so that is deal that looks unlikely to come off.

United of all clubs surely do not need to be reminded that penny-pinching does not lead to silverware in the trophy cabinet as Arsenal fans would agree.

Fergie has gone on record stating publicly that he has no plans to replace Tevez; we have to hope he has and that he's being coy - because one thing is for certain - if the Argentine is allowed to leave the club this summer United will not win the Premier League next season without signing a world class striker.


  1. Quote: "if the Argentine is allowed to leave the club this summer United will not win the Premier League next season without signing a world class striker."

    Do United fans never learn to make stupid claims and predictions...?

  2. I agree that penny pinching doesn't lead to trophies but neither does squandering money - not that I'm saying buying Tevez is. I also agree that Tevez is a quality player that I desperately want to see playing for United & £24m is a fair amount. It's when I hear fees in the region of £30m+ that I'm not so sure. Why do you say the amount already paid out is irrelevant? If it is £6m for 2 years wages then I agree otherwise it does need to be taken into consideration.

    £30m is the sort of money that should be buying a world class striker & I don't think Tevez quite falls into that category. Neither does Berbatov though - we probably paid £10m over the odds there plus lost out on a potential £7m for Campbell.

    To me the problem is we don't know what Tevez is going to cost. Less than £25m is fine but above that he is looking too expensive.

    Interesting summer ahead at United...

  3. Lord,

    Well I will stand by that prediction and do remind me at the end of next season if I'm wrong.

  4. Vaud,

    Regarding the initial deal, it is largely irrelevant because it had been agreed and at no stage has anyone said that the initial figure would affect his eventual selling price, but with that said obviously it will have some bearings on United's point of view regarding the negotiations.

    As I mentioned in the post I'm wondering if in fact this is actually as much about how the deal will be structured, ie how much United are willing to pay in a lump sum...reading between the lines Gill does appear to have some concerns in this area but nothing is clear at present.

    United did pay £10m too much for Berbatov, my own view is Tevez is worth more to the Reds than the Bulgarian.

    If United do not sign Tevez, I'd really like to know who they will sign because they will definitely need to sign a world class striker and end of.

  5. James,

    This is how I think the deal is structured currently.

    Tevez was taken on loan with an initial sum of 6million being paid along with being given the first option to sign him at a fixed price of 26million, given that 6million had already been paid in advance. Thus, the total value of the deal is 32million. So the figure of 6million definitely needs to be taken into consideration.

    United now want Kia to lower that fixed fee of 26million to around 18million or thereabouts given the credit crunch and also since they don't currently value Tevez as a 32million striker. Kia is well within his rights to not negotiate since the fee was agreed and with offers for Tevez coming from all over, I'm guessing he's not in a mood to do any favours for United.

    So either United come up with the cash or look to buy another world class striker as you said. It does look unlikely that this deal will happen, unless maybe Tevez insists on staying, thus forcing Kia to lower the fee. Sounds a little far fetched though.

    I completely agree with you on Valencia, I think he would be too much of a gamble for 20million. And he definitely isn't even close to being an able replacement for Ronaldo as the press has made it out to be.

    Coming to Benzema, I agree the price will be nothing short of 30-35 million. But do you think it will be worth paying that much? I know he's got potential, but just sounds like too much money for a kid who hasn't exactly set the world alight with his performances.

  6. Love Tevez to bits, a true terrace hero, and one that loves our club. The truth of the matter though is that he is replaceable. He is not the complete striker by any means, he is not tall and he is definitely not fast. As many have put it already, he is a poor man's Rooney. Give the kids a chance I say instead Wellbeck/Macheda/Campbell and lets spend the money on a true world class attacking midfield addition like Ribery or Silva. PS Am I also the only red that was a bit pissed off that having still not won the title against Arsenal, Tevez took an age to get off the pitch waving at the crowd etc. Its harsh I know, but that game was for the title, not the Tevez farewell testimonial game. I did feel emotional at the time, but the focus on Tevez instead of sealing the title was a bit strange.

  7. I think Tevez should be put in midfield where I think he would make an excellent scholes/keane/robson type player, who would still get 10-20 goals a season. Think he would do much better than Anderson who has failed to score a single goal.

    Then we could get rid of fletcher who has to be the most overated thing to ever exist ever.

  8. Nik,

    You've come back to what I wrote a few days ago: United do not have serious plan, post Tevez.

    It looks like a total shambles at this juncture.

    Question: Who would you rather have your proverbial trousers pulled down by: Kia or Liverpool at the end of next season?

    I'd personally cave-in agree a deal with his owners rather than see the Liverpool strengthened - in contrast United without Tevez will be greatly weakened.

    The Aregentine has at times over the last few weeks saved United.


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