Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are Manchester United really quite as bad as the media are making out?.....

Earlier this week United lost out to Barcelona in the Champions League final, and deservedly so. In the wake of that defeat, at least if we are to believe the mainstream media, anyone would think that United have all of a sudden "been found out" as it has been put by some "neutrals" and or that the champions of England are a poor team.

As is so often the case when our rivals set about trying to rewrite history they tend to focus on the negative in a bid to force home their point; the problem is there's always a danger of conveniently forgetting some of the facts. In this particular instance, it's worth remembering that United beat the very same Barcelona last season, a team that included Messi, Henry and Eto'o et al.

Not surprisingly, the revisionists are currently in full-flow as they try to find fault with the current United team - and the Premier League, in the case of Daily Telegraph

United fans are probably sick and tired of hearing about the Champions League Final, but I'm sick and tired of reading the same old claptrap from so called "experts" in the media and rival fans who do not really understand the game.

Somewhat ironically, and unusually the introspection that has followed United's defeat to Barcelona has NOT emanated from our own fans, that will be because (a) we are not bitter (b) our club has actually won the Premier League for the third time on the bounce.

United fans also know (as do our rivals) that if United had scored in the opening minutes of the final in Rome, then in all probability the club would still be the champions of Europe. The outcome of any big game can hinge on an early goal, as was proven in the Champions League semi-final at the Emirates, that tie was effectively over after a blistering opening fourteen minute spell by the then holders.

According the experts, Ferguson has to take a long hard look at the current United; I seriously doubt he pays much attention to the media, but I will agree with one point of view concerning the future of Berbatov. As much as I appreciate his goals, he simply hasn't fitted into the United machine. For me, and for many supporters, he doesn't do enough to justify his starting place every week at the expense of Carlos Tevez.

I do have some serious concerns about the future of several players, namely Tevez and Ronaldo (Fergie won't agree to sell him - but the Glazers might). I'd like to see Nani sold ASAP and I'd take whatever Spurs or City were willing to offer for Berbatov. I honestly be quite happy to give Macheda his big chance next season. Whatever happens I'm confident Fergie will sort it out - the revisionists can go **** themselves.


  1. I am with you on this, all the talk of "complete dominance in possession" is utter nonsense. It was 53% for Barca, 47% United, pretty evenly split. And had Park put in the re-bound, the game would have been completely different. United just couldn't get over the shock early goal.
    As for any assertions by the many experts about United being false champions who only bullied the lesser lights, well, at least we handled the likes of Stoke and Boro, which the dippers couldn't manage, and we ended the season on a record 90 points.
    As for players, I still think Berba gives us more than people notice. He had a bucket load of assists, so give him a bit of time. Agreed Nani should go, and sadly Park as well, he just isn't United quality.
    Well, hope Hargo is good, but if we need, buy an MF, Gareth Barry would work, go hijack that one. Anderson will surely get better, young guns are in waiting, the future looks very bright.

  2. I think Park is a useful squad player, but he does lack genuine star quality, Nani on the other hand is a complete waste of space.

    Regarding Berbatov, I'm advocating getting rid because he doesn't fit in, I haven't seen them but apparently official stats confirm he has not been linking well with Rooney, what's more, he simply doesn't work hard enough for the team. Interestingly, towards the end of the season the Bulgarian was being used as a sub and I think Fergie has come round to the point of view that he's made a big mistake. I could see United selling Berbatov if someone offered decent money, over £15m.

    Midfield is definitely another problem area, but I'm not convinced we have the players in the reserves.

  3. I agree with you that Berbatov needs to leave.The sooner we cash on him, the lesser the losses we will make.I honestly don't see him living up to the club's standards. He will never be a red legend.

    Also, I hope Rooney will be given the classic No. 10 role next season. Rooney shouldn't be remembered for being a hard-worker or a perfect team-man. It's an insult to Wayne. Because he is much more than a Kuyt or a Park. SAF, in a desperate bid to win as many CL trophies as possible before he retires, has sacrificed one of the most finest naturalest talents by making him do defensive chores .Fans and pundits(like Cascarino and Kelly have )should pressurize Fergie to effect this.

    And all that garbage the United haters are indulging in will only help us. It will shunt out any complacency from a team that's going to gun for 4th consecutive league title and 3rd straight CL final.

  4. Reddy,

    I was listening to Radio Five Live last night and they interviewed an Italian journalist about the impending appointment of Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea. The BBC correspondent went on to talk about the Champions League final and tried to suggest that United are not a great side and that perhaps the Premier League isn't what it is cracked up to be - you know, the sort of crap we've been hearing since the final, however, in response, the Italian was having none of it and went to say that United are one of the top teams in the world and the Premier League is by far the best.

    IMO, it is typical of the English who have this buid them up, knock them down attitude about our own success stories, further to which most of the bile directed towards United stems from biased Journalists who have leanings towards their own clubs. The BBC appears to have many Liverpool supporters among their staff and all too often their own objectivity is brought into question.

    One poor performance does not make you bad team.


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