Sunday, May 03, 2009

United pile pressure on Liverpool...

Manchester United went down to the Riverside on Saturday and strolled to a comfortable two-nil win over relegation threatened Middlesbrough, thanks to goals from player of the year Ryan Giggs and Park. It was the first time in weeks that United had played before their bitter rivals Liverpool, and the result means the Merseyside Reds are six points behind the champions. Much has been made of Liverpool's superior goal difference, but that has now been wiped out. Later today Newcastle play Liverpool at Anfield and you do wonder if the pressure will lead to points being dropped the Merseyside club.


  1. I wish you were right but having seen Newcastles performance against Portsmouth on monday night, I can see nothing short of a turkey shoot in anfield today. We will have to do it the hard way I think

  2. This is a bit silly; there's no pressure on Liverpool. United need to lose twice for United to have a chance of winning the league, an unlikely scenario even if City and Arsenal should provide reasonably stern opposition (the only chance of it happening, I think, is if you lose at Arsenal, although that's also very unlikely, given that Arsenal didn't get an away goal). There's also very little expectation that Liverpool will win it - whatever happens from now they've exceeded expectations this season, which - at the end of the day - is all anyone can do.

  3. No it isn't. The mainstream media have been using similar headlines prior to every United game following a Liverpool win of late. I'm redressing the balance, a bit! :0)

  4. Well yeh but that's because the media has to create some kind of story to keep people's interest. It's like when they said that McCain still had a chance of winning the presidency, even though he didn't (having said that, Liverpool have slightly better chance than that).


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