Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Luka Modric would be the real deal for United....

As ever, there's no shortage of gossip concerning Manchester United and who they might be interested in signing this summer. According to the rumour mill, Ferguson will have a major clear-out at the end of the season; if we are to believe the speculation, up to ten players could be leaving. Ten seems like a high figure and only time will tell how many players will be leaving.

What we know for sure is there's a distinct lack of genuine quality replacements. One player who continues to be linked with a move to United is Luka Modric. The Croatian is one of the few players in the Premier League who would definitely be capable of taking over from Paul Scholes. Modric rarely loses possession and his use of the ball is very good.

You rarely see Modric tackled and he always seems to make time for himself on the ball and at 25 he's in the right age bracket. The only downside will be the price, but that has always been a problem where United are concerned. Whether or not, the Glazers will back Ferguson remains to be seen and if they don't will the United manager finally come out and publicly tell supporters that he's not being backed by the owners? Don't hold your breath on that one.

United fans can dismiss the stories linking Gareth Bale with a summer move to Old Trafford, because for one thing, there's no way Spurs will sell both of their crown jewels to the league leaders in the space of one transfer window and anyway, Modric is the most important as far as United are concerned.

Fergie needs to sign at least two top-class central midfield players this summer - if he lands Modric that would be a good start.


  1. ha ha no way will we sell him to anybody, we are not your feeder club, you will soon be ours:-)


  2. Not a snowballs chance in hell of us letting Luka join you!

  3. Spurs would never sell Modric to United, especially if they get Champions League football, which looks likely. From what I've seen and heard he has no desire to leave the club anyway, and neither does Bale. It was different with Carrick and Berbatov who clearly wanted to join United but Spurs have come a long way since then. I think Charlie Adam is a far more realistic target for the summer.

  4. A message for Spurs fans: Please do remember to come back at the end of the next transfer window...

  5. Lets remember all the players you chased in last summers window. Modric, Bale, Sneijder, Rodwell, Ozil, Villa, Young, Joe Cole, Schweinsteiger, Ribery, Benzema. Remind me how many turned up at Old Trafford...........oh I think it was a big fat xero!!!!!

    So no, you won't be getting Modric or Bale.

  6. Lets just remember all the players Utd chased in last summers window. Modric,Bale,Sneijder,Rodwell,Ozil, Villa,Young,JCole,Schweinsteiger, Ribery and Benzema. Perhaps you'll remind me how many turned up at Old Trafford, I believe it was none!!!! Utd doesnt have the power in the market it used to have. So no, Modric and Bale will not be signing.

  7. Spurs fans. Right now you guys are riding high. 4th in the league, doing great in the champions league. Thing is you are fighting with Man City and Chelsea for 3rd/4th. There is a possibility that you will finish 5th then miss out on Champions League football next season - then what?
    The likes of Bale and Modric will have a taste of Champions League football so of course they will be tempted at the prospect of joining a bigger club. Then you have to ask if Spurs have the money to compete with Man City and Chelsea in the summer to actually strengthen their squad. I wouldn't be surprised at all if one of Bale or Modric is sold to give them funds to strengthen the squad as a whole. Plus Harry is desperate to bring in a quality striker and it would free up funds for it.

    If Bale becomes available it will be for stupid money and I can only see City or Madrid getting him. Spurs would be stupid to sell him to City so a Madrid move could happen.

    If its Modric and with the success of VDV it wouldn't surprise me. Then I'd say we would have a great chance of signing him.
    Perfect replacement for Scholes but would cost a bomb.

  8. doubt it. Not happening. And without a player of such quality, Man U gonna go down below City, arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool.
    Chelsea has same issues. After lampard, no quality midfield.

  9. Tony,

    Don't believe everything you read in the papers. United push the boat out when the player wants to join the club. None of the players you've mentioned come into that category but in the case of Sneijder, Fergie hasn't really every tried to sign him - more is the pity. I wouldn't be so cocky if I was you. Do not rule out Modric moving to United.

  10. Like all Utd supporters you find it difficult to accept that Utd often fail in the transfer market, and they have slipped down the pecking order.When Modric signed his new 6 yr deal, he and Levy made it abundantly clear that Utd had tapped him up. John Toshack last year revealed, when Welsh manager, that "a major club" had made a massive bid for Bale. It turned out to be £23m from Utd. Sir Alex went on record in the Daily Express on TWO occasions that Utd had been offered David Villa but couldnt afford it ie £40m fee plus 5 yr deal at 160,000 a week (total during contract £80m).Bale might cost even more! Also Utd were quoted saying they were interested in both Sneijder and Ozil. These were not newspaper stories they had direct quotes from parties in the know!.

    Not every player wants to join Utd. In the past the following players have turned Utd down on at least TWO occasions- Gascoigne, Anderton, Shearer, Ronaldinho and Batistuta. The list goes on. But hey if you want to delude yourself that Utd always succeed in the transfer market, you believe it. I'll just send around the men in white coats!!!!!!!

  11. Tony,

    United do not always get their man - and please show me where I've posted that theory.

    However, you are basing your comments on speculation. I happen to believe that providing the Glazers back Ferguson - and that's by no means a sure thing - they will get Modric this summer.

  12. The instances I outlined were not speculation, live with it.

    Also Ferguson's usual modus operandi usually involves unsettling a player and getting him to agitate for a move. Modric has just got married and theyve had a baby, they are known to be very happy and settled in London. Modric is not the type to agitate for a move, examine Harry's recent comments. Also Modric has been quoted as saying that he's embarressed about the salary he's currently on in relation to the wider community- this is a decent guy. He will also probably believe in honouring his contract. Some players do....I know it's hard to believe.

  13. Tony,

    United don't have a lot of money at present for transfers and I've already stated that and we don't always get our man for a variety of reasons, but mostly because either the player wants to move to somewhere like Spain or Italy or we simply cannot afford the asking price.

    Let's see what happens this summer. If you fail to finish in the top four you might find that Modric all of a sudden wants out.


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