Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Qatar deal in prospect: What next for the Glazers and importantly cash strapped Ferguson?

United fans will be disappointed, but one suspects not in the least bit surprised, to learn that there's seemingly no truth in the persistent rumours linking Qatar Holdings with a takeover of Manchester United. Although the group have not made an official announcement, a mandated spokesman has made it clear there is no deal and there's no likely prospect of one either.

The news will come as a bitter blow to anyone with the club's long-interest at heart, because it's questionable how much longer United can carry on paying the Glazers crippling interest payments.

What is beyond question is the need for Ferguson to seriously strengthen his squad, because if the United manager does not sign at least three top class players soon the squad which has gone backwards following the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez will no longer be capable of challenging for silverware.

The United squad needs serious investment in just about every department and recent speculation suggests that up to ten players will be leaving the club this summer.

Gary Neville has already retired, Edwin Van Der Sar is definitely going too. Paul Scholes could also quit at the season end. Michael Owen might well have played his last game following this morning's news that he's injured again. Reports claim Wes Brown, Michael Carrick and Patrice Evra could all be heading for the exit door.

United fans should dismiss Fergie's nonsense about lack of value in the market. Ferguson had no qualms about breaking transfer records in the not too distant past; the truth of the matter is that Ferguson is not being backed in the transfer market.

IF and it's a big If, United go on to win the title, do not rule out Fergie retiring, because quite clearly the club is in a serious financial mess.
Qatar deal denied


  1. Just because Quatar Holdings have denied any interest in purchasing the club.....doesn't mean they will not!

    I have read and heard this so many times, in relation to 'rumours', which are denied then become a fact.

    Just be patient. It may be next week, next month, next year but a sale will occur.

    As for Sir Alec Ferguson. I have thought for a while that he will be going at the end of this season, whatever happens. I agree that, under the Glazers, the transfer pot is a fantasy, for the reasons you JR have written. Ferguson delighted in spending and buying 'big'. Sadly I cannot see major signings. The talk is of a swop with Real Madrid for their left back if ours goes. It really is bargain basement deals, free transfers and the like. How long before he has to enter the 'loan' club?

    Perhaps the Manchester City Sheik may buy United and amalgamate the what if the rumour mongers have got the wrong Middle eastern country?

    A United City?

  2. "'s questionable how much longer United can carry on paying the Glazers crippling interest payments."

    Like most United fans I hate the Glazers and would love to be rid of them. But this is nonsense. We are well able to afford the interest payments and still generate lots of surplus cash every year (don't be mislead by the accounting "losses" that are declared). That's why there is loads of money in the bank.

    I agree that the "no value in the market" nonsense is a smokescreen. Clearly the Glazers haven't been letting the club spend the money that it has got. That's the problem, not the interest payments. We have to hope that this will change this summer now the Glazers have dealt with their other debts (the PIK loans).

    But whatever happens we aren't in any kind of "financial mess". We just have greedy owners who would rather let the cash pile up in the bank while they figure out how best to steal it.

  3. Strapworld,

    Hell will melt over before United and City amalgamate! United don't have a pot to piss in ref to spending that much is clear and yes, I too expect Fergie to quit.

  4. Chris,

    You are entitled to your opinion, but it wouldn't take much for United to start failing on the pitch and the scenario I've painted in my post could well see United falling out of the top four - how much longer would it take for the money to start to dry up? Success on the pitch = success of it.

    United will be in big trouble unless someone comes up with big money to bolster the team this summer and I do not see the Glazers' backing Fergie or any new manager.

    I recently analysed Fergie's spending since 2005 and he's only spent £6.3 a season - how the hell is he going to buy at least three top players if he continues as he has done under the Glazers'?

  5. Hi,
    first I like to say I read your blog and likes it alot.

    But, I thinkt its good that we dont buy alot of new players like Man C. Who whants a new owner that comes in and buys 12 new players because he can? Look at Chelsea this days, fighting over 4 place. This will surtanly happend to United as well if just start buy players just for fun of it. I think to stay on top in the long run you have to think like Fergie does at the moment.

    I also think that you have to think about what players are really worth, its a joke someone pays 35m for a player like Carroll.
    The clubs cannot risk to go broke and take big loans just to buy players, it cannot work that why, look at the finance crisis going on now.

    Sorry if my english isnt the best.

    Best regards.

  6. I'm not advocating doing what Man City have done in the transfer market (how could we?), but the point is this: If Fergie isn't backed this summer the team will be in serious danger of falling away and dropping out of the top four... the manager has to replace several players and there's not even a debate about that point.


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