Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Express Arab takeover claims: Just another crap "exclusive" or will United soon be rid of parasite owners?

This blogger had an early morning call today from a long-time red asking if I'd heard the news about an Arab consortium who were going to buy-out the Glazer family. According to Bill Bradshaw, this weekend's Manchester derby could be the last under ownership of the Glazer regime. However, my hopes were soon dashed when I learnt that the source of the story was the quite dreadful Daily Express - arguably Britain's worst 'newspaper'.

It was Harry Harris of the Daily Express who not that long ago told United fans that David Beckham would not be leaving - to be fair - the equally lamentable Manchester Evening News confidently told us exactly the same - only for Beckham to be sold to Real Madrid just a few days later.

As for this latest "exclusive", every right thinking United fan will be hoping that, for once, the Daily Express has actually got something right. According to the Express, Qatar holdings are set to buy out the Glazers in a £1.6bn deal.

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  1. There has to be something in these rumours. Let us hope they materialise.

    United will become the richest club able to buy all the top players. They will all have homes in Quatar, thus giving them the opportunity to pay no tax in the UK. Players will want to come to Old Trafford (renamed Quatar Stadium) and their strip will be new and in the colours of the Quatari national flag.

    The Sultans will expect 'their' team to play premiership games in their stadia. Teams will jump at the chance of making double money by going to the Middle East and, no doubt, they will run Ryan Air type fares for fans. Trouble is there will be no alcohol.

    This will be done to prove to Fifa that football can be played in temperatures of over 100 degrees farenheit.

    Fans will have to wear Arabian headwear, in United colours of course, and chants will have to be in Arabic.

    Players who do not perform will be stoned or beheaded in the centre circle and Referees or linesmen who make a hash of things will have their arms removed- rendering them unable to either referee or run the line. They could be the fourth official and get a ball boy to hold up the electronic board for substitutions/time added.

    Similarily fans misbehaving - and that includes shouting profanities-
    will be treated harshly. They will have their season tickets taken off them and will be forced to watch video's of Manchester City for thirty six hours non stop.

    It will change the face of football, for ever. So, JR, be careful what you wish for.

    Viva the Glaziers?


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