Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Gattuso picks on the wrong one': Big Joe Jordan...

Spurs were in action last night in the Champions League in the San Siro, where they pulled off a fine win against AC Milan thanks to a second-half goal from Peter Crouch. It was a well deserved victory.

No one likes losing but at times against Spurs the behaviour of the AC Milan players was outrageous, particularly when Corluka had fallen victim to a wild two footed lunge by former Arsenal star Flamini; the AC Milan players were only interested in getting the injured player off the pitch, when clearly the Spurs fullback was needed medical attention.

However, the main talking point centred on Gattuso and '70s United cult hero - big Joe Jordan - or "Jaws" at the Italian media used to refer to him.

Gattuso is one of those snidey players who appears to be brave and aggressive when there's a crowd who will step in to prevent it really 'kicking-off'. Jordan showed remarkable restraint when the Italian pushed him when the pair clashed on the touchline during the game.

Gattusso's behaviour was that of a spoilt child at times - the one who is used to getting his own way, and when he doesn't he starts throwing himself around on the deck which exactly what the AC Milan captain was doing last night. All very amusing.

Those of us who were around when Joe Jordan played for United in the 70s knew the matter would not end there and sure enough we were not wrong. At the final whistle the AC Milan captain shamefully went through the motions of headbutting the Scot without actually doing anything...

Harry Redknapp later opined that Gattuso has picked on the wrong one. In his playing days, Jordan was a fearsome looking striker largely because of his toothless grin - he had four of his front teeth knocked out while playing for Leeds.

United signed Jordan from Leeds United for £350,000 in January 1978.
Jordan scored 41 goals for the Red Devils, before moving on to AC Milan and then Verona before signing for Southampton in 1984.

United stats in brief:
United career: Signed January 1978-1981
Appearances: 125/1
Goals: 41

United Song: "Joe!!", "Joe!!", "Joe Jordan!!!"


  1. I cant be the only one who was wishing Joe would knock his block off. Gattuso was a total disgrace. I used to rate him as a player but have no time for him at all now. The biggest cheer in the San Siro last night would have been if Joe had dropped him.

    Fair play to Spurs. They rattled Milan and they fell to pieces. Brilliant performance - just a shame they didn't snatch a few more goals to finish Milan off.

  2. Gattuso rattles players and our lot have caved in on several occasions so I don't really like him, but I totally agree. Pitty Joe didn't deck him.


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