Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thoughts on Tuesday's game.

Manchester United have a three forwards who can score goals. They also have a forward that is finding it extremely difficult to score this season for whatever reason that may be.

But, come Tuesday, I would not be surprised if the manager changes the team and drops Hernandez to the bench. Why?

John Terry is not as mobile as he once was. A fast player like Hernandez will get past him or be fouled. With Hernandez playing I do believe that we would run rings around that defence. Terry knows Rooney’s game now and Rooney, in my opinion, is a troubled man still. Perhaps he is missing some night life, perhaps he just wants away, I do not know but he most certainly is not the player he can be. That elbow yesterday was a red card and the manager’s statement was quite ridiculous. ‘Electrocution’?

It could be that the FA will charge Rooney this week. But there were a couple of incidents yesterday which suggested that Rooney is a liability. If he plays I expect Chelsea players to target him and we could be down to ten men, mark my words.

One player who should not play at Chelsea is Carrick. He is most definitely the weak link in the midfield. Nani, Scholes, Giggs, Fletcher and Obertan would be my midfield. I would play Obertan on the left as he works well with Evra. He can be so tricky and could neutralise their right back.

Our defence is solid. I would keep the Twins on the bench and play O'Shea at right back. Smalling may drop to the bench if Rio is fit, but I have every confidence in him should he play.

Whilst I expect a win I do think Chelsea will throw everything but the kitchen sink at us . It could be a thriller.

Finally congratulations to Birmingham. I bet Ferguson is wondering why he let Foster go. But good luck to Leyton Orient next Wednesday.I hope they beat Arsenal and then meet up with United at Old Trafford. They have a midfield captain who would do a far far better job than Carrick!


  1. Fergie isn't wondering why he let Foster go: He knows damn well why he let him go - he blew his big chance at United.

  2. I'd get rid of Obertan and there's no way Fergie will start with him, not in a million years. I hope you are wrong about Rooney getting sent off though - it could happen.

  3. Well, Carrick played yesterday. Did he do any harm to the team??

  4. Everyone played well against Chelsea including Carrick.


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