Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why the FA need to take action over Boateng threats

Following Middlesbrough's FA Cup exit and the griping which followed, Jonathan Woodgate - the player guilty of giving away the penalty which saw United going through to the semi final, has spoken out stating that Ronaldo did not dive. I guess this is as close as we will get to the player admitting it was a penalty after all, which is great news.

Not so great news is his team mate and captain, George Boateng, has spoken out stating that some players would like to put Ronaldo out of the game for some considerable time, his comments were at best unwise.

We've all heard about former players from times gone by who kept a black book with the names of rival players and sworn enemies, but details of the black book only came out when the said diary owner had retired from the game. Boateng appears to be threatening to shorten Ronaldo's career prospects while still playing the game.

This is why the FA must surely act against Boateng, they talk about players taking premeditated actions, for example like diving, yet here we have a player openly talking about seriously injuring a player who in all probability will be this seasons player of the year - and rightly so, because unlike Boateng, he has given millions of fans a lot of pleasure this season.

Boateng needs to be stamped on hard by the FA.

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