Sunday, March 25, 2007

England fans want a refund after goalless draw with Israel - please get real...

Following the boring and somewhat all too predictable 0-0 draw with Israel in Tel Aviv, England fans on exiting the stadium were demanding a refund along with the usual cries of 'get him out'. Him, being Steve McClaren.

The game was like most England games over the last few years. Forgettable. So then, why is anyone really that surprised about the result or performance? And those who are daft enough to follow England to places like Israel, and 4,000 of them did make the journey, should know by now that there's no guarantee of quality, excitement or goals.

There is no refunds for bad football matches and there never has been, only the deluded would voice such requests, but then again...

The three Lions do not do exciting football, and so getting rid of McClaren wont do much except satisfy the two faced hacks, many of whom backed the appointment.

Sacking McClaren will not produce a genuinely world class striker like Drogba, or Shearer of old. For all his undoubted brilliance Rooney is a second striker, possibly the best in the world in that position, but he needs to play off an out and out striker. Rooney does much of his best work when coming from deep and outside the box.

At the last World Cup England did not have a proper out and out striker, it was the biggest problem they had and it is perhaps the biggest single problem that England have right now and no manager in the world will resolve that issue with the players who are currently available.

England do have Peter Crouch, a player who perhaps perfectly sums up England's world class credentials, he's not that good and he's not that bad, but like England he's a big lad who lacks punch.

No doubting her majesty's gentlemen of the press will eventually get McClaren fired, unlike with Sven this time it wont take a fake Sheikh to get him out. For the record I was in favour of appointing Big Phil Scholari, but Brian Barwick screwed that up royally as only the FA can.

Scholari would have given England the biggest shake up ever, and he's also been known to level journalists on occasion. So if nothing else, it would at least be more entertaining off the pitch.

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