Monday, March 26, 2007

Venables and McClaren rift talk surfaces, surprise, surprise...

According to the Sun newspaper Terry Venables has fallen out with Steve McClaren, because the England manager 'isn't listening to him'.

You might have expected some support from McClaren's assistant in the current situation, but no, instead we are reading about a rift between the pair.

Assistants coaches are employed to assist and offer advice, apparently Venables spent most of Saturday's game with Israel sat in the directors box until 'he could stand no more'.

Maybe the media and Venables know the vultures are circling and perhaps that is the real reason El tel wanted to distance himself from proceedings on the pitch. Personally I think McClaren should sack Venables, but that would be playing into his hands, as it would leave McClaren further isolated.

As I posted on his appointment, bringing Venables in was asking for trouble.

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