Thursday, March 29, 2007

England fans show lack of class, just for a change.

IT's true to say that England fans as a whole have to a degree been tarnished as hooligans on the continent, but as any match going fan knows, it only takes a few idiots to get your fellow supporters a bad name. Mud sticks.

However over the last couple of big tournaments the fans have done much to address their reputation by keeping their collective noses fairly clean. But in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium last night, the fans let themselves down big time, not because they were causing mayhem with the local constabulary et al, but after 30 minutes of dire football it has to be said, the fans started collectively chanting for the manager to be fired and even worse they were targeting the team which was on duty.

Sure the fans pay the players wages and no one, least of all the players, should forget that, but there's a time and a place for everything. England needed to win last night, they weren't helped one bit by the fans - who also have their job to do by supporting the team while they're on the pitch. Slagging your team on the pitch is not big and it's not clever, it was actually as embarrassing as the teams first half performance.

Better news to report on the international scene was the performance of, dare I say Scotland, they were taking on the world champions Italy in Bari, despite losing two nil, courtesy of a brace by Luca Toni, the visitors gave the Italian's a good game - if only they had a defence. One player who looks certain to be heading to the English Premiership is striker Scott Brown, he looks very useful on the ball and very composed, so remember the name.

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