Thursday, March 08, 2007

Injuries and poor planning to wreck United's hopes?

Manchester United have been rocked by the news that the Red Devils will be without Saha and Solskjaer for up to a month, Saha picked up a hamstring injury while taking part in shooting practice (how did he manage that?) and Ole has had further knee surgery, which is a crying shame for the lad.

Coupled with this, Larsson is definitely going back to Sweden on March 12th, leaving United with only Alan Smith, the forgotten striker of Old Trafford. Back in January many reds myself included, wondered about the wisdom of securing just one loan striker as a temporary measure, and as good as Larsson has been , those fears about being light up front have now turned into a reality for Ferguson which could wreck any hopes of winning some silverware.

The reality is United now find themselves scratching around for players like a lesser club, quite simply this is wrong. At no other time in the last decade can I remember United being so short of cover up front.

IF our worst fears are realised and the reds fail to win the title, then Reds fans will look back in anger at the Summer and January transfer windows and wonder exactly why didn't the club buy another striker. While Fergie has taken credit for the work he's done this year, he must also take the flack if it all falls down now due to a lack of numbers.

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