Monday, February 28, 2011

Hartson on Rooney incident: Spare us the sanctimonious c*ap...

Fergie was right: The media did try to get Rooney electrocuted - they wanted him hung up by his genitals. Predictably, the BBC Match of the Day pundits did their level best to get Rooney suspended following the events at Wigan on Saturday. Rooney definitely caught McCarthy with his arm and even die-hard Reds fans will find it difficult to defend the United striker.

But listening to John Hartson doing his Mother Teresa bit was hard to take: this was the bloke who booted team-mate Eyal Berkovic in the mouth in a training ground spat.

The FA have announced Rooney will not be suspended following the incident involving James McCarthy in the opening minutes of a game that was by no means a dirty affair; football's equivalent of the 'double jeopardy' rule has come into play. United players have been shafted by the FA on many occasions down the years - but it looks like Rooney has got away with this one. Hopefully, Fergie will be having a few strong words with the stupid boy.


  1. Double Jeopardy is when someone has been charged with an offence, taken to court and acquitted, then charged again with the same offence.

    The system the FA adopt is for those occasions on the pitch, which the referee, presumably, does not see and takes no action. But the FA with the aid of television recordings can charge a player.

    In this instance, whilst the referee did give a free kick, he did not book Rooney. Graham Poll took the view in the Daily Mail that Rooney would not be charged and Martin Samuel the sports writer of the year, 2010, did not believe Rooney would be charged but took Ferguson to account, as I did, on the ridiculous electrocution remark.

    I doubt that Ferguson will say anything to Rooney and runs the risk of Rooney's temper taking over and being sent off. He needs help.

  2. I know what double jeopardy is: Like I stated, it was football's equivalent and by default the ref acted as judge and jury and gave a foul - so there's no recourse for further action.

    Fergie is always making ridiculous remarks, but I hope he speaks to Rooney because he needs to.

  3. Fergies remarks were somewhat stupid. We cant defend Rooneys actions here. It wasn't even a heat of the moment thing. It appeared to come completely out of nowhere on the eve of our toughest series of games. It was just completely stupid and he is very lucky to get away with it.

    Whilst Rooney's form has improved over the last month or so, I really wish Fergie would make a statement by dropping him to the bench and starting with Hernandez and Berbabtov up front. Both of these guys have worked their socks off this season while Rooney rode the coattails.


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