Saturday, March 24, 2007

First impressions of the new Wembley..

I've just been watching the first ever live competitive game at the new Wembley, it looks fairly impressive, of course it should be for the ridiculous amount of money it cost to rebuild it.

From purely an aesthetic point of view the new Wembley looks more pleasing on the eye when compared to the concrete bowl that is the Nou Camp.

But from the perspective of actually watching the game, the Nou Camp is without any shadow of a doubt the finest stadium I've had the pleasure to visit. The tiers are tightly stacked upon each other and the angles are quite steep, this means that the fans feel quite close the action and although the stadium was built in the 50s it was designed on a classic bowl shape.

The angle of the lower tiers at Wembley do not look that steep, nor are the lower tiers stacked as tightly as those at the Nou Camp and this means fans are further away from the action - which is key in my opinion.

I have yet to visit the New Wembley so at this point I'm going purely off tv footage, but I'd be interested to hear the views of those who have visited both stadiums. From the comfort of my armchair, it looks to me that the stadium architects have failed to come up with a design which beats something that was built in the 50s.

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