Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Mourinho leaving Chelsea will be good for football..

Rumours continue to suggest that this will be Jose Mourinho's last season in charge at Stamford Bridge, it's being claimed that there's friction between Roman Abramovich, the clubs SEO Peter Kenyon and Mourinho. Jose thought he was 'the special one' but it seems the other two might have a difference of opinion on that score. The speculation is that this is a battle of egos and that Mourinho also wants to prove himself in the Italian league.

All in all, many fans who don't support Chelsea will agree that Mourinho leaving is the best for English football and perhaps even for Europe too. Clearly the Portuguese manager is the best club manager in the world at present, his record is unbelievable. Chelsea have never lost a home game since he's been in charge, he's won the Premiership two years running at a canter. It would only be a matter of time before he wins the big one, the Champions League, that's if he's left to his own to manage affairs at the West London club.

However, it looks like Mourinho may well quit this summer and that can only be good news because the combination of having the best manager backed by one of the world's richest men isn't a good recipe for a truly competitive league - there is of course only three or four teams that can win the title, but since Mourinho's arrival that has been reduced to one, at least until the internal bickering started.

The talk is that Gus Hiddink will replace Jose and many United fans wanted to see Hiddink replace Ferguson, but that wasn't to be. Further to this rumours suggest Russian 'influence' was brought to bare to get the former PSV manager the Russian national team managers job. It seems Hiddink has been sat on the back burner in readiness for when Mourinho boils over. While I think the fall-out is great news for football I also think that even Hiddink will struggle at a club like Chelsea, Gus has done most of his best work with limited resources, that wont be a problem at Chelsea the biggest issue is too many cooks...

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