Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wenger's theory about United doesn't hold water...

OK, so Arsenal took all six points off United in the league this season, in the first game the Gunners scored on 86 minutes through Adebayor, the visitors thoroughly deserved that win, on Sunday, they scored two goals in the last 10 minutes to sneak a victory, United probably deserved a point at least.

However, it emerges that Wenger has been telling his team and anyone else that would listen that United stop working after 70 minutes, hence conceding late goals, so I thought I'd check out the facts.

Goals conceded after 68 minutes

21 Jan
Arsenal 2-1 United
Van Persie 83, Henry 90
Jan 7th FA cup

United 2-1 Villa
Baros 74

21 Jan
Newcastle 2-2 United
Edgar 74

30 Dec
United 3-2 Reading
Lita 90

17 Dec
West Ham 1-0 United
Reo-coker 75

23 Dec
United 3-1 City
Trabelsi 72

26 Nov
United 1-1 Chelsea
Carvalho 69

21 Nov
Celtic 1-0 United
Nakamura 81

01 Nov
Copenhagen 1-0 United
Allback 73

17 Sept
United 0-1 Arsenal
Adebayor 86

Goals against 11

Goals for United after 68 minutes
Jan 7th FA cup
United 2-1 Villa
Solskjaer 90

30 Dec
United 3-2 Reading
Ronaldo 77

23 Dec
Villa 0-3 United
Ronaldo 85 (reds scored 3 in 25 mins)

9 Dec
United 3-1 City
Ronaldo 84

6 Dec
United 3-1 Benfica
Saha 75

2 Dec
Boro 1-2 United
Fletcher 68

29 Nov
United 3-0 Everton
O'Shea 89

18 Nov
Sheff 1-2 United
Rooney 75

28 Oct
Bolton 0-4 United
Ronaldo 82
Rooney 89

25 Oct
Crewe 1-2 United
Lee 119

17 Oct
United 3-0 Copenhagen
Richardson 83

14 Oct
Wigan 1-3 Unted
Solskjaer 90

23 Sept
Reading 1-1 United
Ronaldo 73

23 Aug
Charlton 0-3 United
Saha 80
Solskjaer 90

Goals for 16

In addition to the figure above and not included is the fact that United have notched several more goals after the 60 minute mark.

Teams will always score and concede goals in the last quarter of the game, this is largely due to the game getting stretched. The Arsenal assertion that United's older legs are sapping late on isn't borne out by the actual results, if the figures prove anything it is that United are still strong in the last quarter with United's Ole Solskjaer notching on 90 minutes on three occasions.

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